Epix Scores Music Docuseries – Deadline

Epix has taken the BBC document My life as a Rolling Stone – a four-part series about the veteran rock band.

The series, which comes from Mercury Studios of Universal Music, is related to the 60’syou anniversary of the Wild Horses rockers and comes as Mick, Keef et al. are in the middle of a world tour to celebrate.

The network will broadcast the series on August 7.

Originally released by BBC in March, each episode of the series will feature a portrait of one of the band’s charismatic members – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and the late Charlie Watts – exploring different dimensions of their personalities, their musical brilliance and their cultural impact. The series aims to reveal the work of The Rolling Stones, their inspiration and how they individually and collectively overcame adversity, fame and personal demons to write the soundtrack of our time.

It will include contributions from Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, Stephen Tyler, Chrissy Hind and Slash.

The Stones are one of the most documented bands; they have been the subject of numerous films, including Give me shelter, Maisles’ film about Altamont, Martin Scorsese’s The light shines, of Brett Morgen The hurricane of crossfire and the controversial film by Robert Frank Cocksucker Blues.

Directed by Oliver Murray (The Quiet One) and Claire Taverner (Keith Richards: A Culture Show Special), and executive producer is Steve Condy of Mercury Studios.

This is the latest music document for the Michael Wright-run network since Mr. A & Mr M: The History of A&M Records, Laurel Canyon and punk.

“Captivating music documentaries have become a pillar of Epix’s first-class original programming, and My Life as a Rolling Stone is the perfect complement to that mix,” said Michael Wright, President of Epix. This distinctive documentary captures the raw and organic energy that defines The Rolling Stones and tells a compelling, epic story of their journey. I’m excited that viewers can experience this legendary band like few have ever had before. “

“Epix is ​​the perfect home in the United States for these dynamic but very personal portraits of Mick, Keith, Ronnie and Charlie,” added Mercury Studios CEO Alice Webb. “As we celebrate 60 years, we can’t be proud that Epix viewers will enjoy exclusive access to The Rolling Stones through these special shows.

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