EcoFlow introduces Wave, a portable, battery-powered air conditioner

EcoFlow takes a detour from its usual pursuit of making large batteries to launch this portable air conditioner, which will give more incentive to campers, RV roamers and everyone living in the van you have several of the aforementioned batteries. IN EcoFlow Wave is a portable air conditioner that builds, which claims to have “the most powerful cooling in the world and the longest operating time”.

As you can see, based on the gentleman’s environment shown above, the idea is that keeping cool isn’t just for places with permanent walls or, obviously, walls at all.

Image: EcoFlow

The device weighs 38.58 lbs alone and 55.98 lbs with an optional 1008 Wh battery attached. Unlike some of EcoFlow’s earlier projects, this is not Kickstarter, but it has a similar promotional hook, offering cheaper options for those who sign up to buy earlier. The Wave portable air conditioner comes at a discount of $ 300 for $ 1,199, while the most expensive options are packages at the Delta Pro power plant (the largest set of EcoWave batteries available and capable of powering the device for up to 12 hours) for $ 3,999.

Its manufacturers claim that when the modules begin shipping in July, they will have 4,000 BTU of cooling capacity, enough to rank highest among portable battery-powered air conditioners (compared to most window air conditioners on offer). retail, fall between 5,000 and 12,000 BTU) and will cool an area of ​​86 square feet from 84 degrees (F) to 75 degrees in eight minutes. According to the FAQ, the optimal size for rapid cooling is around the area of ​​a tent for four.

Image: EcoFlow

Wave can be plugged into solar panels, car outlets, portable power plants or wall outlets to charge, and as long as the humidity is below 70 percent, its condensed water should evaporate automatically. And yes, it can be controlled wirelessly with an application via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

I’m still not sure if EcoFlow Wave will convince its target market that the best way to experience time in the warming environment in which we live is by wearing an electrified comfort device. The company claims that with solar panels you can fully charge the extra battery in just five hours, so maybe there’s a way?

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