eBay Live is the new live sales platform on the online auction site

eBay combines online and real-world auctions with its own recently launched eBay Live platformwhere people can chat and respond to sellers via live video and buy their products. The service is currently in beta and will launch with “highly desirable and rare” merchant card offerings such as “1998 Kobe Bryant Skybox That’s Jam PSA 10” from eBay seller Bleecker Trading, starting June 22 at 15:00 ET. The event will be hosted live by an avid DJ Skee collector, and interested buyers can join the official eBay Live page or sign in with the eBay app.

“As the collectors’ community grows, we offer a new live platform that combines an engaging environment with incredible ease, allowing our community to come together for shared interests and goods,” said eBay vice president of collectibles, Dawn Block. The service will also continue in real-world trading card conferences, including The National from July 27 to 31 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and Gen Con from August 4 to 7 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Image: eBay

Although the service is apparently live now in beta, there is still nothing available for purchase and we still don’t see any signs of it in the eBay app. The only preview of the new experience we have is a short video that shows someone in an Instagram-like live stream holding shoes and visually responding to people chatting about the products. We asked eBay if we could expect anything before the June 22 event and if regular eBay sellers could expect access to the platform, but eBay could not respond during the post.

This is not eBay’s first foray into live events the company has made manages at least one live host auction, and the company has organized a convention for eBay sellers in the past – also using the nickname “eBay Live”. However, eBay is late with the game; Live streaming sales are already a huge business, especially in China. Amazon is launching its live influencer service in 2020, and Facebook / Instagram also have shopping platforms already. Last year, TikTok has started broadcasting live video commercials after partnering with the streetwear company Hype. Companies are responding to the growing popularity of the form among young people – and sometimes that means ambitious influencers who involve their viewers in marketing settings on many levels such as LuLaRoebut hopefully with carefully selected events, companies like eBay can keep businesses healthy.

eBay has doubled the way it sells collectibles, especially with the growing popularity of shopping cards during the pandemic. This month the company launched eBay Vault, a real place where you can send your trade cards for storage – and also allows them to be bought / sold instantly, giving owners only a digital image of the collector, something like NFT (although you can actually download the physical item and send it to you).

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