Dua Lipa shared a “cat trick” in makeup

It is very difficult to draw good cat arrows. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you have probably encountered the problem of incorrect or completely different shapes of arrows and handshakes. Sometimes it takes a little inspiration to achieve the desired perseverance. Dua Lipa comes to the rescue with her stylish day makeup Primavera Sound. She looked like an enchanting fairy in a rich purple combination of a corset in crystals and chiffon underwear, as if studded with stars of glittering stones. The outfit was complemented by bright and bold makeup. The singer opted for delicate purple shadows, adding silver sparks to the inner corners of her eyes. A touch of audacity in this fabulous make-up was a long arrow that Audrey Hepburn herself would envy. An ultra-extended line that extends beyond the outer tip of the eyebrows frames Lipa’s mysterious brown eyes, while peach-colored lipstick smoothes out the color contrast. The pop star changed his overalls for a mini dress tour in Barcelona. Dua Lipa launched a new style of performance this week. During his set at the annual Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona, ​​the pop star exchanged his Balenciaga and Mugler Catsuits decorated with crystals in a similar, blatant way. Makeup artist Celia Burton, in a recent interview with Vogue, gave some tips for creating the perfect cat wing: “Tilt your head back, slide your eyeliner from the inside corner and keep Q-tip and oil-free makeup remover on hand at all times. “One thing we know for sure is that Dua sets the trend for dramatic makeup with a touch of fantasy! For one night in Lisbon, Lipa wore a mini dress in warm tones, patterned with palm trees and sandy beaches, with a black lace thong She also wore black Montserrat Mississippi Cowboy shoes and lots of gold jewelry, including a Jean-Paul Gauthier ring and a Cartier gold watch.

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