Down in the dumps! Biden has been the most unpopular president since the trail began in 1945

A recent headline from FiveThirtyEight asks, “How unpopular is Joe Biden?”

The survey group, in a simplified explanation, uses weighted averages from each national presidential poll to get to their number.

President Biden began his administration with a 53.9 percent approval rating and a 35.1 percent disapproval, according to the team.

Now the numbers are almost the opposite.

Biden has 39.8 percent approval, compared to 54.3 percent disapproval.

When you look at every other president before him on the 517th day of their administration, Biden is the only one who falls below 40 percent.

He ranks below Ronald Reagan (45%), Gerald Ford (44.3%), Harry Truman (43.1%), Jimmy Carter (42.1%) and yes, even Donald Trump (42.6%).

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Biden is less popular than Jimmy Carter

These figures suggest that President Biden is poised to be seen in history as even less popular than former President Jimmy Carter, who is often considered one of the worst presidents in our nation’s history. the bottom of the polls along with James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson.

Former Democrat MP Tulsi Gabard has actually made just that argument recently.

“Biden will be remembered as worse than Jimmy Carter,” she said in a recent television appearance.

She mentioned that gas prices and inflation were a crisis under the Carter administration, just as they were under Biden, “but they ignored the fact that Carter’s policies did not lead us into a new Cold War or push us to where we are now. closer to a nuclear war than after the Cuban Missile Crisis. “

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Biden “distorted” that he was seen as worse than Trump

If Biden had been inclined to opinion polls showing that he was one of the most unpopular presidents in modern history before, these new weighted units would not relieve his pain.

NBC News reported weeks ago that Biden was “shaken by his falling approval ratings.”

“Now he is shorter than Trump and he is really distorted by that,” said a White House source.

In other brutal sociological news for Democrats, Gallup reports that The medium-term indicators are currently “very unfavorable for Democrats”.

The losses in the House of Representatives and the Senate could be historic.

The figures “would all predict a loss of seats for the Democratic Party, larger than the average this fall,” Gallup wrote.

Which is good news, given that the Republican House and Senate are the only way to at least slow America’s rapid decline under an unpopular and incompetent president.

Biden, meanwhile, seems more focused on the messages than actually focusing on doing a better job for the American people.

“Biden relied on White House staffers to come up with a message that captures the harsh choices voters face,” NBC reported.

“Biden himself coined the phrase ‘Ultra MAGA,’ which he and other Democrats began to use in hopes of contrasting the Trump movement.”

Unfortunately for him, stigmatizing your political opponents as “ultra” does not have the same effect when you yourself can be associated with ultra-high gas prices, ultra-high food prices and ultra-incompetence.

And now, Mr. President, you are extremely unpopular.

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