Dominion continues to drive as Lightyear does not live up to expectations

There was a lot of trouble at the box office this weekend. If you read ours Box office forecasts article from a few days ago, you know Pixar Toy Story separation Light year it was expected to come out on top with a catch of around $ 80 million. But that was not the case. Light yearwhich tells the story of the toy man of Buzz Lightyear from A toy History films based on did not live up to expectations, attracting approximately $ 51 million. That allowed Jurassic World: Dominion to stay at № 1 for its second weekend, making about $ 58.66 million.

Deadline indicates that Light yearThe discovery of ‘s is in the range of what makes the average Pixar original; Coco opened with $ 51 million, Ratatouille with $ 47 million. But given the film’s connection to Toy Story, was expected to do better than that. Now we wonder why more moviegoers didn’t show up for him. Lack of the usual Toy Story cast? The fact that the human Light was voiced by Chris Evans instead of Tim Allen, who provides the voice of the toy version of the character? Families just waiting to watch the movie at Disney + home? Audience surveys conducted by PostTrax show this Light year the young girls didn’t like it that much Toy Story movies tend to, so that can also play a factor.

whatever the case Light yearthe loss is Jurassic World: Dominionprofit. IN Jurassic The sequel was expected to win about $ 60 million this weekend, and it did just that.

At № 3 e Top Gunn: Maverick, performing better than the estimated $ 35 million. The long-awaited Top Gun the sequel turned out to be a big attraction for audiences over Father’s Day weekend and is estimated to win $ 44 million this weekend. That’s just a 15% drop from last weekend and the third best fourth weekend ever for a movie, after American sniper ($ 89.1 million) and Avatar ($ 50.1 million). Top Gunn: Maverick won over $ 800 million at the world box office and officially became the highest grossing film in Tom Cruise’s career.

Dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness

There is a sharp decline between third and fourth place. On № 4, Dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness made $ 4.2 million. This is the last weekend in which the film will be available only for viewing on the big screen, as it heads to Disney + on June 22. Dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness spent $ 400 million at the domestic box office this week, turning into a Disney / Marvel Cinematic Universe tent movie to make it after The Avengers: End of the game ($ 858.3 million), Spider-Man: No way home ($ 804.7 million)black Panther ($ 700.4 million), The Avengers: War of Infinity ($ 678.8 million), The Avengers ($ 623.3 million), The Avengers: The Age of Ultron ($ 459 million), Captain Marvel ($ 426.8 million), Iron Man 3 ($ 409 million) and Captain America: Civil War ($ 408 million).

The top 5 finish was Bob’s Burgers Movie by $ 1.1 million. The bad guys; Everything, everywhere At once; Downton Abbey: A New Era; and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 keep hanging in the top 10, each for several weeks in their theatrical performances. And at №10 we have the debut of the first weekend of the comedy Focus Features Brian and Charles. Launched in only 279 locations in 100 markets, Brian and Charles make $ 198,000. Average $ 711 per screen.

Given that Monday is June 10th, a federal holiday, it’s a four-day holiday weekend and each of these movies will have a bigger download until it’s over. But in terms of ranking in the top 10, all that is expected to change is this Everything, everywhere At once can overtake The bad guys to take place № 6.

What do you think about the results of the box office this weekend? Why do you think? Light year fell? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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