Documents Results MIFA Pitch awards while the space comedy wins the room

Preschool tariffs and short-form documents are prevalent this year MIFA A TV session, with more than half of the projects boasting episodes lasting less than eight minutes and almost as many titles aimed at audiences under five.

Of the nine projects presented, the Yukon: Space Botanist preschool series (pictured) received the loudest reception, sparking heartfelt laughter from a room full of buyers and hired editors at least three decades older than the show’s intended audience. Produced by Norwegian Imagin Filmr Film, the 3D animated series gives computer graphics a tactile glow, featuring characters that resemble plastic figurines and a background full of scanned physical elements.

Described as “three good friends floating in their own corner of the universe,” the show follows the Yukon, a human botanist traveling the galaxy to collect rare seeds; Stretch, a fast-talking earthworm that has become problem-solving; and Bo, a living, breathing planet where the other two live. Using a playful sense of humor reminiscent of Douglas Adams, the project has a clear commercial appeal.

On the artistic side, the MIFA presentation awards reinforced both document and pre-school trends, with two of the four television presentation awards going to short films “Jupiter’s Reflections” by director Muumni “Jupiter” Sodre and “Grandpa’s Revolution”. and grandmother, “By Agnes Patron and Sophie Nivel-Cardinale. The pre-school specialty “Polo sans bobo” and the strange Roma committee “My Superhero Husband” claimed the other two awards.

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The revolution of grandparents
Les Films Du Tambour De Soie

As a military correspondent covering the Middle East, journalist Sophie Nivel-Cardinale spent most of the decade collecting incredible stories from the most unexpected sources. And so the Grandparents’ Revolution will explore the intimate and human stories of an older generation, inflamed by conflict and chilled by time. The animator Agnes Patron invented chalk watercolor for the project, which aims to isolate and consolidate personal experience in political unrest.

In his 2012 short Reflection, Jupiter’s sound engineer Sodré conducted interviews recorded on the streets of Ouagadougou against a paired, hand-painted 2D style; the director will build on this approach to Cogitations, a short series dealing with contemporary issues through Burkinabe’s lens. The fact that visa problems prevented the director from appearing in person speaks volumes about the attractiveness of this project, which will use unobtrusive and sketch-like visuals to highlight perspectives that all too often remain unclear.

Blending 2D and 3D graphics and reminiscent of classic children’s books, the special-purpose preschool Polo sans bobo explores the difficult topic of childhood disease through wildlife inhabited by rhinos, raccoons, pandas and giraffes. Director Sophie Castagnede likened the tone of the 26-minute special tone to that of Claude Barras’s “My Life Like a Zucchini” as it confronts a disturbing subject with tenderness and whimsy.

Winner of the Disney Plus Award, “My Superhero Husband” is a 2D LGBT comedy about a superhero couple with two very different personalities. While Transman Sintis prefers to keep a low profile, happy to shrink with a good book after he finishes saving the day, his husband Joel basks in the spotlight, doubling up as a person to present products with a face and photo glued together. on billboards throughout the city. The advertising focus could be on real partnerships with the brand and opportunities for cross-promotion, said producer G. Beaudin in Annecy. With the production monitored by the Greek AddArt, the project will also benefit from 40% tax rebates in the country.

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My husband is a Superhero

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