Disgraced Democrat Corinne Brown is running for office again after serving a prison sentence for fraud

A few years ago, Florida Congressman Corinne Brown went to jail for corruption.

She is now out of jail and trying to run again.

Some people are addicted to the benefits of public life, and Brown is obviously one of them.

The Washington Examiner reports:

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Democratic ex rap. Corinne Brown makes an offer to return after serving her sentence in prison

A former Democrat in Florida is running for Congress again after serving more than two years in federal prison on multiple charges of mail and tax fraud.

Former representative Corinne Brown, who represented the Jacksonville area in Congress for 24 years before being defeated in the Democratic primary in 2016. Al Lawson announced his decision to make an offer to return to the recently redesigned 10th Congressional District of Florida, offering details in a press release posted on her campaign website.

Shortly after Brown left Congress, she was convicted of 18 federal crimes, including wiretapping, mail fraud, filing false tax returns and conspiracy, in a case stemming from a fictitious charity that prosecutors said Brown used as a fundraiser. to pay for vacations, lavish parties and personal expenses.

One Door Education is said to have received more than $ 830,000 to fund scholarships for low-income students, but paid only $ 1,200, with much of the rest deposited in Brown’s personal bank accounts.

The former congresswoman was sentenced to five years in federal prison in December 2017 and is serving more than two years of her sentence before being released early in April 2020 due to fears of COVID-19.

Maybe he should try to find a real job.

The people of Florida really wouldn’t choose this woman, would they?

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