Dexiderius reveals thriller about coming of age “Executioners”

Madrid-based producer Cesar Martinez of Dexiderius Producciones has partnered with writers Rodrigo Martin Antorans and Pedro Garcia Rios in the miniseries Verdugos.

The suspense thriller for coming of age is presented this year Conecta fiction and entertainment in Toledo, Spainwhich takes place from 21 to 24 June.

Combining past and present, The Executioners originally took place in 1996 in a small Basque town in the northern Spanish province of Navarre. The story follows four adventurous 12-year-old boys who set out to explore an old abandoned mine. Deep inside, they find a businessman held in prison by the Basque terrorist group ETA – a kidnapping that has been widely reported in the news. The separatists are demanding a ransom from the hostage’s family, threatening to execute him in three days if he is not paid.

After the boys reveal a shocking secret, they are determined to save the man’s life. For one of the boys, this is a decision whose consequences he will fight far into the future.

The Executioners surprises with its originality and the impact of its premise, says Martinez. A hostage who faces an ominous countdown to eventual execution suddenly finds a possible escape in the four boys. “It’s a premise that in itself already contains adventure, fear, insecurity, but also rhythm and tension.”

“The story,” Martinez added, “takes place in a city in the Pyrenees of Navarre, but it can also happen in Naples with the death of the Mafia or in Belfast, devastated by IRA bombs. “Everywhere, because beyond the local and how close and painful it is for Spanish viewers, the Executioners’ conflict is universal, typical of any society, recognizable to any viewer in the world.”

This universality is also evident in the lives of young characters, he notes. “You live in childhood, you remember in adulthood. The child viewer will identify with the search for adventure; the adult will look at himself, wondering about the child he was.

“The Executioners” is one of the six projects participating in the Pitch Clips section of Conecta Fiction, organized in collaboration with the Union of Spanish Screenwriters ALMA.

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