Deshon Watson handles 20 sexual assault cases, says Tony Busby, but there are still cases

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Cleveland Browns infamous quarterback Deshon Watson now has only four pending cases against him. This is because 20 cases against the former Houston Texas incumbent has settled downsaid in a statement Tuesday, attorney Tony Busby, who represents the women who tried Watson.

From March 2021 to 26 cases of sexual violence and misconduct during massage sessions are brought against Watson – with all but two prosecutors represented by Buzbee – and reportedly the NFL is ready to impose “Unprecedented” punishment against the 26-year-old. One case was dropped by a prosecutor when a judge said her case should be changed to her name. More lawsuits against Watson could be filed in the coming days.

Most notably, Ashley Solis, Watson’s first public prosecutor, is not one of 20 women to settle. The documents for the 20 settled cases are currently being supervised. Once closed, these cases will be dismissed, according to Buzbee. The terms of any agreement will not be announced, and Busby said he would comment on nothing but the four pending cases.

The Texas-based lawyer said in a statement:

“Ashley Solis is one of the heroes of this story. Her case is unresolved and so her story and that of the other three brave women will continue. I look forward to hearing these cases in a timely manner, in accordance with the other obligations of the case and the timetable of the court.

“The truth is that without [Solis’] courage and desire to show, the NFL will not currently consider discipline; it will not be explored how teams can consciously or unconsciously allow certain behaviors; sports teams will not review their staff vetting processes; and this important story would not dominate the sports titles for more than a year. “

Two juries in Texas have not filed criminal charges against Watson, and the NFL investigation into whether Clemson’s former quarterback violated the league’s code of conduct is still ongoing, with heavy fines and removed to the table pending the outcome of the league’s investigation. “Today’s development does not affect the collectively agreed disciplinary process.” said NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy.

After the first grand jury chose not to blame him, Watson was replaced by Brown for a tough choice, including three first-round drafts. Watson maintains his innocence and he said he was not sorry with his actions.

Tuesday’s announcement, too will not change the discourse about Watson’s actions and whether he should sue Cleveland until all lawsuits against him have been heard or settled. The fact that 20 women are filing lawsuits against him should illustrate to the general public the scope of Watson’s actions. This is the scary and simple part. Watson can’t find a way out of this problem. It’s too big.

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