DeSantis: Texas needs to send illegal immigrants back to Mexico

By Bethany Blancley (The Center Square)

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says Texas should not allow illegal immigrants to enter the state, reflecting conservative sentiment that Texas has been arguing about for more than a year.

“What Texas has to do is just send them [illegal immigrants] back across the border, ”Gov. DeSantis told a recent news conference in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. “Who cares what the federal services say. They are not doing their job.

“Texas should not allow them to cross the border as a start. They are just walking right across the river, “he added. – Nobody stops them.

He made his remarks almost a year after first traveling to Del Rio, Texas. Last July, he met with the governor of Texas. Greg Abbott and state and local law enforcement officials to discuss border security efforts and authorize Florida officials to participate in the state’s Border Security Initiative, Operation Lone Star.

But what happened, DeSantis said, was that Texas “let them run into them and let them go to the federal government, and then the federals just let them go anyway.”

“Some repulsion would be good,” he added. “And I would send people to help with that if it was done and there really was a difference.

“But just to stop someone, turn them over to the Border Patrol and then the Border Patrol lets them go. I really prefer our people to be here to protect the people of Florida.”

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DeSantis refers to the standard practice of Texas law enforcement, which does not prevent people from stepping on Texas land after watching them cross the Rio Grande River. It does not refer to OLS operations involving law enforcement agencies in prosecuting alleged criminals in the pursuit of high-speed cars or in thwarting cartel-led human and drug smuggling.

In Del Rio, McAllen, and other areas of the Texas-Mexico border, for example, The Center Square has repeatedly observed Texas DPS officers stationed in certain locations waiting for illegal immigrants to cross the river. Upon arrival, officers call the border patrol and wait with them on the side of the road until border patrol agents arrive to transport them to a nearby processing center.

If the policy of staying in Mexico was applied, the majority entering Texas illegally would be returned to Mexico. Instead, the administration has instructed them to be processed and released in the United States with some exceptions. He also works with NGOs to transport them across American Florida, which is on trial for policies that allegedly grossly violate federal immigration law.

DeSantis said he believed Florida would win the case. He also says the Texas approach does not deter illegal immigration.

Abbott says he’s doing what Biden doesn’t want, and the Texans are paying to secure the border, which is not their responsibility. The Texas legislature has allocated more than $ 4 billion to border security so far, something no state legislature has ever done. Texas is also building its own wall, which no other governor or state has done in US history. Texas has also sued the administration many times and continues to win lawsuits.

While government and local officials involved in OLS are actively thwarting criminal activity, the role of the Texas Department of War has received considerable criticism, prompting Abbott to replace his leader earlier this year.

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Abbott has also received constant criticism from conservatives for transporting illegal immigrants to Washington, DC. Instead, they called on him to close entry ports, direct members of the Texas National Guard to prevent illegal entry with the clear intent of a commander, invoke the U.S. Constitution and declare an invasion to protect Texas sovereignty and take other action. measures he did not take. When asked, his office will not answer specific questions, but says he is doing more than any other governor to secure the border.

DeSantis said “we are fighting Biden and the border,” given several lawsuits filed in Florida. To critics who said, “You are not a border state, what do you care?” He said. “… we have a responsibility to fight back.”

DeSantis will soon sign a bill imposing sanctions on those who work with the federal government to transport illegal immigrants to Florida, and will soon have access to $ 12 million to divert incoming illegal immigrants to the north, he said.

“If he sends a caravan [of illegal immigrants] to Florida, “DeSantis told the president,” we’re redirecting him to places like Delaware and other asylum states. “

While the Biden administration maintains that the southern border is closed, a record number of people from more than 150 countries continue to cross it. Nearly 10,000 people are currently on their way to the United States, claiming to be coming because President Biden has promised to give them asylum.

“And what is Biden doing?” DeSantis asked. “He’s hanging out on late-night TV shows?” He must enter the game here and must defend the sovereignty of our country. “

The caravan will “absolutely overwhelm” Texas and “many other communities in the United States,” he said.

Syndicated with permission from The central square.

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