Democrats stopped listening

Ed Luce“As Rui Teixeira, a veteran political scientist, says, the Democratic Party’s brand is” somewhere between unconvincing and toxic to broad groups of American voters who could potentially be their allies. ” The fact that Teixeira is saying this should make Democrats notice. He co-authored the founding book, The emerging democratic majority, who argues that racial tendencies will make democratic governance inevitable. This remains a symbol of faith among election consultants. But Texieira changed her mind. How could Democrats alienate the people they need to win?

“Much of the answer is that they have stopped listening to ordinary voters.
That would be less of a problem if the party leadership was part of American society. But its upper echelons are dominated by a white college-educated activist who is used to talking to herself. The days of knocking on the doors of potential new voters are largely over. Since the time of Barack Obama, Democrats have been engaged to a digital model that downplays old-fashioned commitment. That takes the party away from reality. “

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