Democrats reward FDA with more funding after thwarting baby formula and vaccine fiasco

The FDA has completely thwarted the US infant formula crisis. Many believe that the FDA is the one who created the problem.

Baby formula maker Abbott has reached an agreement with the FDA to reopen the Michigan plant – it could take two months before the product is available on the shelves

The FDA is also in the middle of vaccinations that Biden has ordered government and military officials to take. These vaccines have not been reported to be very safe.

UNDERSTANDING REPORT … Naomi Wolfe for War Room – FDA Fails to Mention Teen Heart Damage in Pfizer Vaccine Approval (VIDEO)

Vaccines ordered by the military to be taken by military personnel were never approved by the FDA, for which the FDA remained silent. Now 500 military are suing the government for violent vaccines that have never been approved by the FDA.

TREND: UNDERSTANDING: Joe Biden falls off a bike on Rehoboth Beach – Needs help getting up (VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE: More than 500 servicemen are suing the government for imposing a vaccine that is not approved by the FDA and should not have been administered

After many material and harmful mistakes, the Democrats gave the FDA additional funding.

This is the crazy world we live in today.

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