Democrats need to stand up for people whose votes Ginny and Clarence Thomas are being treated like rubbish

Of course, it is not cool to have Democrats, on whose shoulders lies the whole possible future of democracy. But that is exactly why it must be written.

Democrats need to solidify Clarence and Ginny Thomas

Ginny and Clarence Thomas are such a powerful couple in DC that they seem to fear and respect everyone in power. Maybe that colors the Democrats’ judgment. Maybe Democrats – so tasked with maintaining and restoring the rule of law after four plus devastating, undermining years under Trump – just can’t find themselves sounding like the current Republican Party. I understand this. No one wants to sound like the current Republican Party.

But here’s the thing. Not only is this current announcement about Ginny and Clarence Thomas a disaster (“maybe” he should take it?), The people whose voices are being discussed so calmly that they may not be so important are extremely unhappy. Certainly our representatives hear this from their constituents, because we hear it every day. It is not anger at the Democrats at the moment, but at the greater current failures of democracy, and who else should we blame when only one party is accountable to the people? This will happen and I am afraid it will happen when we focus on the critical deadlines.

This kind of softball rhetoric will not ignite the basis for voting in the interim. So, both as representatives of the People and as politicians, this message must change for the whole party. There must be a consistent message, and it must be about the role of democrats as guardians of the people and of democracy in our country.

Maybe you should consult a good screenwriter. Tell the story of their grief when they see the votes of their constituents being treated like garbage. Tell the story of how they returned to the Capitol even after the terrorist attack to do their job to honor our voices and in the same spirit they are forced and obliged to talk about the very existence of Clarence Thomas on the court is an attack on people.

We are in the age of sound: everything is history. The legislation is boring.

Democrats must acknowledge that they are the only party working to protect elections and the votes of the people. This should be repeated constantly each time you appear, regardless of the agenda.

All elected officials take an oath to abide by the Constitution. The Constitution requires the Chamber and the Senate to count the ballots of the Electoral College, which are based on the votes of the peoples. It is the constitutional duty of Democrats to protect people’s votes, especially when a Supreme Court judge allows his wife to try to throw them in the trash.

On television, Democrats should be the Big Father / Mother Bear defending the votes, instead of the cool lawyer arguing in court. They must be furious about the rights of their constituents. No one can blame this argument; this is the job. They need to put a little populist cherry on the politically charged cake. (It is not empty if it is supported by action, which is the case.)

Enough with the discussion “maybe Clarence should refuse”. Withdrawal? This suggests that he belongs to the Supreme Court. His wife plays an active role in a coup attempt. ACTIVE ROLE. Clarence tried to cover it up, using his power as a judge of the Supreme Court.

There will be many more electoral cases before this court, given the noisy and proud Republican strategy of appointing a secretary of state and others who will simply carry out their orders when they lose the election. This is called a soft dictatorship. Democracy is simulated when elections are just for show.

What message is being sent to the record more than 80 million people who voted for Joe Biden? That their vote is so irrelevant that we may want to discuss whether Clarence Thomas, who sees their voices as rubbish, might want to withdraw?

This is absolutely outrageous. Our votes are at the heart of democracy. Without our votes to matter, we have no democracy. Who will defend our votes?

Democrats are fighting well on many fronts. They are actually doing the work. They are trying to pass laws on elections and voter protection, working to raise the minimum wage, fighting a lonely battle for the people. It is not their fault that they bear all these burdens, including our own democracy.

But they are all we have. And so it must be said: This language of perhaps diversion is wrong. He sends a message that this is a somewhat acceptable situation that can be remedied by Thomas’s resignation.

It can not. I will not.

There is no way anyone in this country who is not a radical, white, straight, right-wing conservative man can trust this court to be impartial at the moment.

The Supreme Court is not legitimate because of Clarence and Ginny Thomas

The court is not legitimate in this form. There can be no man in it whose wife has tried to overthrow the government. This seems quite elementary.

Ginny Thomas is an activist who works against the rule of law. She is actively involved in what the expert described as a “domestic terrorist attack”. She was not sitting in someone’s living room 20 years ago, who had been declared a domestic terrorist decades before. In fact, she was actively involved in inciting this theft, which turned into an attack.

Ginny’s husband not only covered it up, but forgave him and complied with it for years. This is not her first attempt to win the election by all possible means.

In order for the people of this country to believe in their government, they must have some faith in the rule of law. They must have some hope, even though they know better that the rule of law applies to everyone. People who respond should at least pretend to be.

Have we even pretended now? What should people chew now that their rights have been destroyed by this court?

Democrats have long been hampered by the very thing that holds the party together, namely adherence to the facts. That’s what makes the world post-Trump catastrophe.

The message here, however, is easy. “Speaking on behalf of the people who elected me to represent them, it is imperative that the rule of law apply to all and that the voices of the peoples be respected and respected. Clarence Thomas has already shown that he does not respect the voices of The People. Our government does not work that way. He cannot be in the Supreme Court and must resign.

Let’s call it soft populist rhetoric, backed by a firm adherence to the law and the facts. (Democrats have always needed help with communications; that is

curse of the party, which actually legislates for the people and believes that people other than its main base will be interested in or even aware of their work in this current media “parody on both sides.)

For those who say you need to let the committee do its job, you need to be a lawyer. The law is only one part of this. It is important that the commission will do its job and I keep my fingers crossed that this is important (this is no longer a given in this country), but it is not the only factor in the game. The war for democracy must be fought on every front, not just the investigative one. Because where will this investigation go? Let’s not stop for a moment on Mueller Avenue, but remember the amazing cowardice of the people worshiped before. For example, it is not convenient for me to rely on the courage of one person to save this country.

The court must appear fair and impartial, or it is not considered legitimate. This court has gone so far that we are joking if we do not admit that the fire is playing out. Most of the country that pays attention does not believe in this court and has not yet overturned Rowe.

Tell people that their voice matters

1/6 of the hearings prove to these people that their vote has been treated as rubbish by many in power. One of them is in the Supreme Court. This is a conclusion from these hearings that must be respected. You have to center.

Tell people that their voice matters. Stand up for the people. At every media appearance. They need to know the meaning of their voice or why they should worry.

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