Democrats are leading in the race for the Senate of Pennsylvania and North Carolina, as the Red Wave is not formed

The red wave that Republicans are trying to make a reality is not happening in key Senate races.

Polls show there is still no red wave for Republicans

Simon Rosenberg recently tweeted:

Democratic candidates in the Blue Collar Senate are doing well in Pennsylvania and Ohio

If the Democrats win Pennsylvania, their chances of keeping the Senate move to the likely column. We discussed Pennsylvania elsewherebut Keystone State is the only place where Trump’s intervention and terrible approvals could cost Republicans a chance at a Senate majority. Republicans are fighting a much-loved Mehmet Oz against a popular lieutenant. Governor John Feterman, who came out of the gates with a strong message and jumped with a 9-point lead.

JD Vance will fight in Ohio as another endorsement of Trump, who won a landslide primary but is less popular with voters. Representative Ryan is a working-class populist and, like Feterman, one of those Democrats who has the potential to do very well in a year that is not in power.

North Carolina and the lack of a red wave

The open seat in the Senate in North Carolina is what puts the idea of ​​a red wave in dispute.

According to the WRAL poll, Democrat Cherry Beasley is leading a Trump-approved spokesman. Ted Bud: “While 44% of respondents said they would support Beasley, 40% supported Bud, according to the poll. About one in seven potential voters has not decided. Of the 650 likely voters polled, 37% were affiliated with the Republican Party, while 34% said they were affiliated with the Democratic Party and 27% identified themselves as independent.

If Republicans can’t keep the open space in North Carolina, where they’ve already thrown tens of millions of dollars in the race to support Bud, there will be no red wave and Democrats can increase their majority.

Even if Republicans win a majority in the House of Representatives, the Democratic Senate will ensure that all potential attempts to impeach Biden will go nowhere and all additional vacancies on the Supreme Court will be filled before the 2024 election.

The country has record gas prices and inflation, but there is no evidence of a red wave that will give Republicans control of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

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