Democrat governor uses meme to glorify red flag laws – that’s the problem

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolfe has published a meme designed to simplify how the so-called “red flag” laws work, including an explanation of how social media posts with pictures of guns and “mysterious” messages could lead to the temporary confiscation of guns.

Red Flag Laws. allow the authorities to confiscate firearms from persons who are considered to pose a risk to themselves or others without being convicted of a crime that violates the right to a fair trial.

If nothing else, the cartoonist attempt by the governor of the Democrats to explain them raises more questions than answers.

In the example of Wolfe, a woman named Jane – (if you ask me, it would be more appropriate to name her Karen) – sees “pictures of weapons and mysterious messages” in the social media account of a man named Randy.

She called the police to report the posts, and the police, in turn, petitioned the court to temporarily remove Randy’s weapons. After providing evidence that he posed an alleged “danger” to himself or others, the court did approve the seizure of the firearms.

And yes! – In the opinion of Governor Wolf, mass shooting was prevented.

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The Laws of Tom Wolfe and the Red Flag

Oddly enough, Tom Wolfe’s meme is eerily reminiscent of the desire for a “red flag” law, once expressed by GOP’s Pennsylvania congressional candidate, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

In a 2019 interview, Oz claimed that these laws “help protect you and your family” and have been shown to prevent mass shootings by offering an anonymous call system so people can report concerns about the posts of others on social media.

Just like Jane!

Are the red flag laws slippery?

Taking up arms by law-abiding citizens, even temporarily, based on social media posts is a very slippery slope. Here is a hypothesis for you.

Assume that Jane from Tom Wolfe’s Red Flag meme has a gun because her former pursuer is harassing and threatening her. She posted a photo on social media to inform people that she is a supporter of the Second Amendment and the right to self-defense.

However, Randy is a boy in pajamas who sits in his mother’s basement and is absolutely annoyed by the image of a gun. He announced her post with nothing more than a phone call to the police, after which he fell to the floor and cried in a fetal position.

Police then discovered that Jane had warned her former pursuer to stop harassing her because she had a gun. This is “proof” that she is a danger to someone.

The court temporarily confiscated her pistol, allowing the stalker’s ex-boyfriend to carry out his threats.

Obviously, the scenario is hypothetical, but completely plausible. While proponents of the Red Flag laws may say, “No, Rusty, this can’t happen!” I say, who says?

And does the statement of a politician or journalist mean anything more than a possible restriction of your constitutional rights?

As Massi’s representative points out, he promises that such a law will not be abusive are just speculations.

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The NRA’s advertisement makes a powerful case for self-defense with firearms

A firearm for self-defense in the hands of a woman can be a great equalizer in the face of an attacker or criminal who is more physically frightening than his victim.

Just ask Kimberly Corban, a rape survivor and mother of two.

Korban appeared in a NRA advertisement, which strikes with its brutal honesty about what happened to her and how a firearm could have prevented it.

Perhaps the best line from the ad is, “I’m a mother of two now, and if this predator – or anyone else – tries to harm me or my family, they have to go through my firearm first.”

Conservative reaction to arms control legislation

Earlier this week, a group of bipartisan senators – 10 Republicans and 10 Democrats – announced an agreement on the arms control framework, which President Biden said would be “the most important arms security legislation that Congress will pass in decades.”

All indications point to the account the creation of a federal grant program to promote red flag laws in the United States.

However, conservative lawmakers have expressed concern about these “red flag” laws and Axios reports that “disappointment … boils.”

Senator John Cornin (R-TX), a Senate Republican No. 2 in the Senate, recently recruited by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to “negotiate” with Democrats on gun control, tried to quell the reaction through semantics.

“Cornin is renaming ‘red flag laws’ – a toxic phrase among conservatives – as ‘crisis intervention’,” Axios wrote.

MAGA Rep. Matt Goetz offered fire and fury in reproach to Republican lawmakers who support red flag weapons laws.

“If you support red flag laws as a reflexive response to an emotion you have, you are betraying your constituents,” he said. “You are a traitor to the Constitution, the Second Amendment, the Fifth Amendment, you are not doing anything to reduce the likelihood of mass shootings.”

Strangely, Governor Tom Wolfe’s “red flag” meme makes no mention of the Constitution or the Second Amendment, and essentially proves why the Fifth Amendment will be completely destroyed.

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