“Democracy dies in stupidity” – Deadline

Bill Maher there is beef with Millennials, especially those who inhabit the Washington Post newsroom.

Looking at the recent Twitter war between WaPo reporter Felicia Sonmez and other members of this newsroom – a fiery battle that eventually led to Sonmez’s dismissal and another reporter on a month’s unpaid leave – Maher said the tweet joked Motivation is something that has been going on for eons. However, the “unlicensed day center”, which is the editorial office, did not find humor in it.

“Can you imagine a world that allows jokes that you don’t like?” Of course, the leadership gave up as an apartment in Miami, “he said, returning to the weary trope that the tweet did not reflect the institution’s values,” freedom of speech is not one of them. “

Maher then expanded the conflict with WaPo into a greater elimination of the generation that is now needed in the workplace when baby boomers retire.

“You think my generation is an eye,” Maher said. “Let me tell you about the younger generation. Your sense of power is legendary, “he said, also attacking” the duration of your attention and work ethic, “” especially the unskilled little bastard who doesn’t understand why he’s not yet a producer. “He added that the WaPo story has such a resonance because we all know the stereotypical players in it.

Millennials are complaining that they have not yet taken power, Maher said. But that’s because boomers are reluctant to turn the world over to them for incidents like the WaPo Wars.

“Weeping people still win,” Maher said. “They are complaining that they have not yet taken over. The fact that the Post’s response was to punish one of their best reporters shows that kindergarten is still responsible.

In 1972, Watergate was hacked, a story captured mostly by WaPo. “I must be wondering how today’s Post Newsroom will handle this. “All this time tweeting jokes. Don’t you have something better to do? Don’t you have to be reporters digging things up? That is why you are not responsible. “If someone named Deep Throat calls today and wants to meet, this crew of emotional hemophiliacs will have an anxiety attack and report to HR that they do not feel safe.”

Maher hopes in the fact that WaPo eventually fired Sonmez. “Maybe there is a line. This generation must find this line and bring it closer to reason. Because democracy dies in stupidity. “

Earlier, Maher’s guest was Emmy winner Danny Strong, producer of the limited series Hulu. Sick of drugs, for the epidemic opioid. His strongest moment was when he insisted that members of the Sackler family “absolutely” face imprisonment for their productive role and lay in the opioid crisis.

The panel discussion was dominated by podcast Krystal Ball, an extreme leftist who would hardly allow Maher or the guest author and James Kirchik to speak.

The highlight of the conversation was when Maher was asked if he thought Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis would be better than former President Donald Trump. “Yes, I do,” he said. He will not tweet and be at enmity with Beth Middler.

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