Democracy (and Georgia) in my mind


“At what point will Rs respond?” Is the most superficial possible way to consider the commission on January 6. So expect to see a lot of it.

“But this is news,” they will say.

As Bill Bar famously said, this nonsense. The news is the coup attempt and ongoing.

“My job is to get quick quotes from people close to Jared and Ivanka.”

Your work is contextual so that Americans know what happened.


Jan. 6 elected commissions make criminal referrals – in their own way

Despite all the controversy over whether to ask the Justice Department to investigate Donald Trump, committee members did so effectively on Thursday.

They used Thursday’s public hearing to present what they considered to be one of their most convincing pieces of evidence and thus to bring a case, with Attorney General Merrick Garland overseeingthat Trump has broken the law in his efforts to get former Vice President Mike Pence to cancel the election himself.



January 6 panel to seek testimony from Ginny Thomas

Why it matters: The decision comes after public and private hesitation among committee members in recent weeks over the importance of Thomas’ role in January. 6 and the efforts of former President Trump to cancel the election.


John Eastman was central to the mechanism of how to steal the election, including Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and other states with alternative voters.

The central focus is on Donald Trump, not Ginny Thomas, but still …

Philip Bump/ WaPo:

The strange time of Eastman’s claim of a “heated battle” in the Supreme Court

Partly because the stories were published at about the same time, it was natural to wonder if they were related: Eastman had heard of heated battles from Virginia Thomas?

But there is a more interesting question over time. Did Eastman hear about this alleged battle instead, because there was an unfounded rumor of such a battle circulating online just as he was writing?


Philip Bump/ WaPo:

A small county in New Mexico shows how far the delusions of the “big lie” can lead.

This is the story of how a small district in New Mexico decided to reject the results of the primary elections in the state after being infected by Donald Trump’s false allegations of electoral fraud.


New York Times:

January 6 A panel says the Capitol Marcher toured with a GOP congressman

IN video released by the commission it also includes footage apparently taken by a man marching to the Capitol in January. 6 and can be heard saying, “There is no salvation, Pelosi, Sumer, Nadler. We are coming for you. “


Detroit Free Press:

Free Press Poll: Kelly Leads Republican Governor’s Office After Arrest

Republican candidate for governor Ryan Kellyis recent arrest by the FBI for his doubt about participation In January, the 6th U.S. Capitol Uprising appears to have boosted recognition of his name and favor among Republican voters in Michigan, according to a new poll conducted in the days following his arrest.

Kelly was arrested on June 9. In a June 10-13 poll conducted by Detroit Free Press and our EPIC-MRA partners in Lansing, 17% named Kelly as their preferred candidate in the August primary to determine which Republican candidate is contested by the government. Gretchen Whitmer in November.

Other Republicans vying for the party’s nomination drew mixed enthusiasm – 13% of respondents chose Kalamazoo chiropractor Gareth Soldano as their preferred candidate, 12% said Bloomfield Hills businessman Kevin Rinke, 5% said Northoor Short businesswoman Dixon, and elected 1% Pastor Ralph Reband.



The Democrats Redirection Group sets out broad election targets for 2022

The group’s goals include intermediate competitions in 17 states.

The National Democratic Committee for Restructuring’s 2022 Democracy Goals, first shared with POLITICO, includes interim competitions in 17 states. In addition to state legislative and gubernatorial elections – which the group has focused on in the past as part of its mandate to prepare the scene for redeployment – the NDRC plans to run for five secretaries of state, including in the states where the main elections take place. direct role in the process of making maps.


Noah Smith /subgroup:

Progressives need to fear inflation more than recession

Raising interest rates will do less harm to the economy (and Democrats) than the alternative.

In 1919, John Maynard Keynes (pictured above) wrote the following on inflation:

As inflation rises and the real value of the currency fluctuates sharply from month to month, all the constant relations between debtors and creditors, which form the ultimate basis of capitalism, become so utterly disrupted that they become almost meaningless; and the process of acquiring wealth degenerates into gambling and lotteries.

Lenin was definitely right. There is no finer, no safer means of overthrowing the existing foundation of society than the depravity of currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of the economic law of the country of destruction and does so in a way that no man in a million is able to diagnose.

Some American progressives seem to have forgotten Keynes’s warning. Even as inflation continues to rage, they are feverishly fighting against the idea of ​​raising interest rates. The reason is that they fear that the rise in interest rates will cause a recession.

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