Dave Chapel refuses to name the theater of his former high school

This was announced at the end of last year Dave Chapelthe former Duke Ellington High School The Washington School of the Arts honored him by naming a theater after him. During the news, Dave was criticized by some of the students at the school for his special Netflix comedy “The Closer.” Dave was in town Monday night for the theater’s dedication ceremony when he announced that the building would no longer bear his name.

According to Washington PostDave announced during the consecration ceremony that the theater will now be called the Theater of Artistic Freedom and Expression. As he spoke to the audience, Dave turned to the reaction he received to the special comedy, and reportedly said it “sincerely” hurt him. However, he believes that the reaction is not related to his work and did not want the name of the theater to distract students from focusing on their art.

neither previously reported, last November Dave was due to appear at a fundraiser set up to raise money for the building. However, his appearance was postponed after students at the school threatened to leave in protest. The delay was due to Dave’s reaction to the LGBTQ + community because of the jokes told in the special comedy.

At that time, the school turned to Dave’s delayed appearance and said:

“We recognize that not everyone will accept or welcome the views of an artist, product or craft, but reject the idea that ‘a culture of rejection is a healthy or constructive means of teaching our students how society should balance creative freedom with the protection of the law.’ and the dignity of all its members. “

After the reaction of the students last November, Dave posted on his Instagram and said:

“It is a great honor to have the theater named after me. Although it was not my idea, goal or desire. At the request of the founder of our favorite school, Peggy Cooper Kafritz, I accepted.

He continued: “If you object to receiving this honor, I urge you to donate to the school, noting your objection.”

See his full answer below:

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