Crowley Town: Alleged racist incidents at the League 2 club not reported to police | Football news

The alleged racist incidents, which allegedly took place in the town of Crowley, have not been reported to police.

Seven Crowley players came out last month and reported incidents of racist language and PFA behavior.

Former manager John Yems was fired by his employers before leaving, in light of what the League Two club called “serious and credible” allegations that it used discriminatory language and behavior against its own players.

Investigations by the PFA and FA are ongoing, but there is currently no investigation by the Sussex police because the club has not reported the allegations to the forces.

That’s what a Crowley spokesman said Sky Sports News: “To date, the FA has not informed the club of any findings that would require the submission of a police report, and we acted in accordance with their recommendations.

“However, if the FA reports such findings in the course of its ongoing investigation, the club will, of course, follow their guidelines and take appropriate action.”

The club also confirmed that they are no longer investigating the incidents themselves and that they are fully cooperating in the FA investigation.

The spokesman added: “John Yams is no longer part of Crawley Town Football Club. We continue to cooperate fully with the ongoing FA investigation.

“Any further action by the club will be determined at the appropriate time in accordance with the findings of the FA.

“We continue to partner with our players, staff and supporters as we build a team and community that fans can continue to be proud of, both on and off the field.

Sky Sports News it was said last month that the PFA is offering advice and support to those who have made or been affected by the allegations.

Yems denies the allegations.

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