Craven Republicans marvel at Liz Cheney’s lonely stance on American democracy as we know it

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky –which he has repeatedly underestimated Donald Trump’s resilience is puzzled that ousting Trump is “the only thing he cares about,” a McConnell confidant told Post. “It doesn’t help anyone,” McConnell added.

Similarly, House of Representatives minority leader Kevin McCarthy personally called Cheney “obsessed” with the destruction of Trump and his political influence on the Republican Party. In fact, McCarthy reportedly told Cheney that he would try to protect her from the backlash over her impeachment vote if she simply played well with Trump ahead. She declined the invitation to become an invertebrate.

These stories are the latest in a long series of reports about how puzzled Cheney’s colleagues from her crusade are to dismember Trump’s branch by limb, even if it ultimately shatters her political future.

But Cheney described his motives for a pre-election event earlier this month, reflecting on the idea that a peaceful transfer of power (ie democracy) from the nation could be completed.

“I looked at my boys in the weeks after January 6; it has become very clear that we may suddenly have to question this, “Cheney said of the peaceful transition between the presidents. “And I am absolutely committed to doing everything I can, everything that is required and I am obliged to do to make sure that we are not the last generation in America that can count on a peaceful transition of power. This is extremely important. “

What Cheney’s Republican colleagues are really amazed at is the concept of principled leadership – putting the good of the whole above immediate self-care. They either suffer from a complete lack of imagination about what it would be like to turn the country into a fascist hellhole, or they are really excited about the prospect. Certainly, Republicans fall “very well” on both sides of this divide.

But somewhere between this thirsty naivety and authoritarian bloodthirstiness, Liz Cheney has stepped into emptiness.

Her political views are 99.9% disgusting to us as liberals.

Her evil genius is sometimes frightening.

But we can’t deny Cheney this moment in history. She should rightly be glorified for her vision, courage and ruthless perseverance.

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