Cleaning efforts continue after the Flint River oil spill

FLINT, Mitch. (WNEM) – Officials say the clean-up effort continues after an oil spill in the Flint River.

The leak was first announced on Wednesday. State investigators confirmed on Friday that the source of the Flint River oil spill came from the chemical company Lockhart.

So far, the recovery is going well, according to Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson. Swanson said that if the crews continue to work as they are, the response teams could reduce operations immediately after Sunday.

The order for no contact with the river in the whole county remains in force. Residents are not allowed to fish, sail or swim in the Flint River from Stepping Stone Falls to the Genesis County Line.

Genesee County Board President Domonic Clemens said he was grateful for the joint effort.

“We hope that if we continue to progress according to plan, we will be able to raise the order by the middle of next week. “We will be able to return to normal as far as our river is concerned,” Clemens said.

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