Chris Pratt thanks fans on Instagram for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ 8th anniversary

The a miracle The cinematic universe changed the lives of many actors who had the opportunity to participate in it, and one of them was Chris Pratt who was tapped to play Star-Lord AKA Peter Quill in 2014 the guardians of the galaxy .

The film was part of the second phase of Marvel films, which really began to experiment more openly with the idea of ​​a shared universe. When the film was first announced, audiences were quite skeptical, as even in the comics the group of heroes were not particularly well-known and most people only heard of them when the film was announced.

However, director James Gunn did an amazing job adapting the characters to live action and Guardians of the Galaxy ended up becoming a beloved group of misfits and immediately got the green light for a sequel known as the guardians of the galaxy Volume 2 which was released in 2017.

Now, the Guardians are set to return once again in Volume 3 of the franchise, which was announced recently. Keeping up with the buzz of the upcoming third installment, Chris Pratt picked it up Instagram on the 8th anniversary of the first film in the franchise and thanked his fans for their love and support for the ragtag group of misfits all these years.

The post shows various iconic scenes from the film, while the caption below reads:

“8 years ago today, Star-Lord and the Guardians hit the big screen. I’m constantly blown away by the community we’ve built over the past 8 years! And it’s all because of YOU! Thank YOU for allowing us to do what we love. Never forget… we are the Guardians of the Galaxy.”

The third volume of Guardians of the Galaxy is due out in 2023 and fans are eagerly awaiting it, but the new installment comes with mixed feelings as director James Gunn has announced that the third installment will end his vision for the Guardians of the Galaxy Galaxy. What the future holds for everyone’s favorite loser after this is anybody’s guess.

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