Chris Meledandri for “Minions” and a show against theater: CineEurope – deadline

As part of the opening day here at CineEurope in Barcelona, Lighting founder and CEO Chris Meledandri shed some light on all that is to come Minions: The Rise of Gru about whether we will see a same-sex kiss in a future Illumination title and how a long-standing mistake has helped inform his career.

In a wide-ranging discussion on stage with Deadline Editor-in-Chief Mike Fleming Jr., Meledandri, whose hit-making studio will celebrate its 15th anniversary next year, said it was never an option to send The rise of Gru for streaming, although it was ready for release in late June 2020, before Covid imposed a delay.

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Meledandri said: “There was a common view that we would wait for the audience to return to the cinema. None of us knew it would be two years, but none of us blinked … I know where my heart is and it goes beyond whether a solution is not the best business solution right now. I think our global cinema culture is at stake here. ”

Universal has its own streaming service, Peacock, and Meledandri said he was “excited” to be part of it, “but not at the expense of movies and cinemas.”

He went on to say that Illumination was in a “period of discovery”. The company “will have to grow. We can have a strategy for engaging with movies as a cinematic experience, and we can layer another business on that. ”

In general, is it harder to watch movies now than when Illumination started? For Meledandri, the volume of films and not just animations, but those pursuing the same audience, has grown. “We are in a much more competitive environment. Opportunities to attract the attention of the audience and provide enough content that excites them to come to the theater are gradually becoming more difficult. With digital messaging you don’t get 30 seconds, it was a challenge, but it also challenges new creativity.

Fleming notes Pixar’s decision to include a same-sex kiss in the just-released Light yearwhich banned it in certain countries and wondered if Illumination could ever portray something like this. Meledandri replied that although this was not something that had appeared in previous films, “It will be much more appropriate for our future than for our past.” There are topics of conversation at the moment that are very appropriate for this. which we do in the future, which enters areas that potentially may not be to everyone’s liking. I think you have to respect the stories you tell, you have to respect the choices your directors make, and you have to be prepared for everyone not to be happy all the time … Universal is a great partner when it comes to this kind of problem. ”

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He continued: “The moment you start using the point of view of Twitter or the point of view of each culture, no matter how intolerant they are to guide your creative expression, I think you are on a very slippery slope – not just morally. but creative. It is impossible to defend the creative process and still try to figure out how to thread a needle that will never offend anyone.

On any frustration with the election of non-Italian Chris Pratt for Mario in the upcoming The Super Mario Bros. movieMeledandri says: “When people hear Chris Pratt’s performance, the criticism will evaporate, maybe not completely – people like to express opinions properly.” He added: “I’m not sure this is the smartest defense, but as a person with an Italian-American heritage, I feel I can make that decision without worrying about offending Italians or Italian-Americans… I think we will. be well.”

Speaking about the partnership of this film with Nintendo, Meledandri called it “the fulfillment of a really important goal. Nintendo is one of the companies we respect and value; I think this cooperation is unprecedented in its proximity. “

Meledandri has a remarkable mistake in his past, overseeing the costly mistake Titanium AE while working with 20th Century Animation. Fleming wondered what the most valuable lesson the CEO had learned from this experience was what not to do when creating Illumination.

Meledandri began, “Losing $ 100 million of Rupert Murdoch’s money is not fun,” but the biggest lesson was how to deal with the consequences. I was terrified. I had to choose whether to give in to this fear or face it and overcome it. It wasn’t easy, it was one of the darkest parties of my life. “

When I started Illumination, Meledandri said, “I had to check again. What followed titanium it was Ice Age which was one of the most lucrative films in the history of the studio. But leaving Fox 13 years later to start a company and start again with nothing, I had to face a great deal of fear in doing so. This is really the lesson, there are things that will happen in your life that are very displaced and you need to understand how not to be crushed by them. ”

Meledandri concluded: “The key to whether or not you will be crushed is not the failure itself – failure is part of the price of recognizing success – it is really whether you will be swallowed up or not in fear. “

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