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Chris BrownThe 33-year-old talks about the popular internet debate whether he or not Michael Jackson is a better entertainer. IN singer admitted that he did not want to participate the comparison and in fact attributes to the “king of pop” that he inspired him to continue his musical career, which brought him much success, in a new radio interview. “It’s a hat,” he said when asked about the debate The Big Boy neighborhoodwhich can be seen above.

“It simply came to our notice then. I will keep it a hundred. I’m kind of pulling away, “he added when asked how he handled conversations about whether he surpassed Michael’s talent or not. “My personal opinion about this is that I wouldn’t even breathe or even be able to sing a song if this man did not exist. I don’t know if they look at it as [Michael] JordanKobe [Bryant] something, but I couldn’t even look at it. He is light years ahead. There is no competition with him. “

Chris Brown
Chris Brown on stage during a previous show. (John Salangsang for Power / Shutterstock)

Chris’ comments come after hip-hop artists like him Fivio is a foreigner and tank have given their views on how Chris is the best in the business. Ryan Clark also shared a tweet that went viral earlier this month. “Chris Brown is more talented than Michael Jackson, that’s what I said! A successful week, “he wrote.

Despite the love of others, the Forever singer is reluctant to comment negatively on Michael and even talks about how he has “this man’s sanctuaries hanging in my house” because of the incredible impact he made, later in his last interview. before adding, “Damn, no, I’m no better than him.”

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson impresses on stage. (Uwe Lane / AP / Shutterstock)

As Chris remains humble and maintains a strong love for Michael, he prepares to continue to pursue his passion for music by going on tour with Little baby. He is also preparing to release his new album, Breezean edition with 23 songs, which should hit the ears everywhere on June 24.

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