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Cheers and taunts for Friday, June 17, 2022

Note: Yesterday’s C&J withdrew. Please return it to your local authorized C&J dealer for a free comma change. We sincerely regret that we have contributed to your reluctance to deal with this inconvenience with the appropriate grace and dignity. What is wrong with you? – Mgt.

By numbers:

7 days!!!

Days until Independence Day: 17

Days to 42nd Annual Irvine Greek festival in California: 7

The percentage of Americans who believe the Department of Justice should bring charges against elected officials who tried to cancel the 2020 election: 67%

Number of black women nominated to the U.S. Court of Appeals 200+ years before Joe Biden became president: 8

Number of black women nominated by Joe Biden in the Court of Appeal in the last 1½ years: 11

Year in which Maine expects to continue to have a single regional code (207): 2025

The current value of my Non-Fungible Token – a pastel drawing of a stick figure holding a Bacardi 151 bottle – on the crypto market five minutes ago, less than $ 4.2 billion six minutes ago: $ 0

Photo of the puppy of the day, with the participation of the rescue laboratory of C&J, Hailey:

CHEERS to Day 3. Even more remarkable testimony yesterday in the House Jan. 6 hearings of subcommittees. Here is the result of what we learned: Trump and his inner circle knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that everything they did in connection with the attempted terrorist uprising of January 6, 2021 – up to and including its advance planning and then eating the crowd day – it was a crime … and Vice President Mike Pence came in 40 feet from the fierce Republican mob that wanted to hang him … and when it all fell apart, everyone said, damn it, I have to get on Trump’s list for pardon. As for what happened Days of our liveswhich is preceded by hearings, we can report the following:

»Each character at one point draws a gun or knife on another character.

»The devil is still exchanging.

» Salem there are the most incompetent law enforcement institutions in the country and this is indisputable.


“He gives birth to her baby, she has his baby, everyone is giving birth to babies, and the rest of the city plans to kidnap all the babies, including the secret twins, who will be separated at birth and will be rivals at Titan Publishing House.

»Bill Hayes (Doug) is still an active member of the cast at the age of 97.

“Brady himself is silent. Too quiet.

»The secret of Alice Horton’s delicious cherry pie remains a mystery.

The next hearing of the subcommittee is on Tuesday. The next one Days the hero will be buried alive in five minutes.

CHEERS until the beginning of the end. Speaking of scandals that reach the top, 50 years ago today there were five thieves arrested at DNC ​​headquarters in the Watergate complex:

They had burglary tools, cameras, movies and pen-sized tear gas.

Ah, the old nickel trick mistake. Devilish.

In rooms the men had rented at a motel across Virginia Avenue police found electronic wiretapping equipment at the scene of the burglary.

Three of those arrested are Cuban exiles and one is a Cuban American. Their leader was James McCord, a former CIA agent and security coordinator on Presidential Re-election Committee Richard Nixon.

Prosecutors also accused E. Howard Hunt Jr., a former White House staffer, and G. Gordon Lydie, CREEP’s financial adviser, as accomplices.

This was the beginning of a series of events that led to Nixon’s resignation, underscored by the now shocking notion that prominent members of Nixon’s own party would help bring out the scandal in the sunlight instead of burying it in the backyard under a smokescreen. spinning and false outrage at Democrats. When the crisis was over, Republicans paused for a moment to reflect on the fact that they had done something right and honest … and swore never to make that mistake again.

DRAINAGE to everything else. I’m sorry to tell you, but there has been no progress this week on gun control, climate change, immigration, LGBTQ rights, alliance building, women’s rights, voting rights, or the giant asteroid that is heading right for us. And I don’t know which of you people infuriated Mother Nature, but we almost lost one of the most valuable members of Daily Kos because of you …


Look at this. What a hole of ashes.



CHEERS to William’s Words of Warfare Wisdom. IN The battle was fought at Bunker Hill Today 247 years ago. (Yes, yes, we know – it was actually Breed’s Hill.) Many lessons from the war were learned on this fateful day, ending in y. For example, the colonial minutes learned that their stubbornness and unconventional tactics could do real damage to the British. And what did the British learn? Mostly that the bright red uniforms are a really really bad idea.

CHEERS to home vegetation. A quick overview of things that may appear in the test tube this weekend, starting with Chris Hayes and the evening cast that does their work on Friday night, which they do on MSNBC. At 8:30 p.m. Rafael Warnock discusses the pressing issues of the day with Margaret Hoover on PBS Shooting linewhile his Republican contender Herschel Walker debuts with his new reality series Am I your father too? And at 9 CBS broadcasts a two-hour special program for the 50th anniversary of the Watergate scandal.

And tonight at 8 we will tweet the live episode of Star Trek “Operation: Destroy!” while watching it on the H&I network. Follow in #allstartrek.

All the most popular movies and home videos, new and old, have been reviewed here at Rotten Tomatoes. Sports schedules: MLB hereon NHL here (Colorado leads Tampa Bay with 1 game to 0 in the Stanley Cup finals) and WNBA here. If you’re a fan of the spoon and the mess, the US Open golf tournament is on NBC, minus Phil Mickelson and the other American fools who chose Saudi Arabia’s money over ours.

Ballet icon Mikhail Baryshnikov, now 75, is targeting Vladimir Putin’s campaign of genocide in Ukraine. CBS News Sunday morning. It’s two hours from 60 minutes Sunday night, including an encore of stories made about Britain’s sick love with Russian oligarchs and profiles of Transport Secretary Pete Buttigig, Trevor Noah and Michael Keaton. Then at 11 John Oliver tied everything in a clear bow with a new edition of HBO Last week tonight.

Here is your lineup for Sunday morning:

This week: Minister of Finance Janet Yellen; Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL); ex sen. Heidi Highcamp (D-ND).

Everything sponsored, as usual, by …

Get acquainted with the press: TBA

Face the nation: Brian Deese, director of the White House of the National Economic Council; Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-CA); Former FDA commissioner and Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb; CBS News Racial Justice Fellow Dr. Ibram H. Candy.

The state of CNN union: Representative Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX); Minister of Energy Jennifer Granholm; and for simple and inexplicable reasons the former sen. Scott Brown 9 The Cult-MA).

Fox GOP Talking Points Sunday: Brian Dees; sen. Mike Lee (The Cult-UT).

Enjoy watching!

Ten years ago at C&J: June 17, 2012

CHEERS a match made in heaven … if you mean under the sky a fast food test lab where chemists spend their days figuring out how to bring taste buds to orgasm faster than you can say, “Maybe instead I’ll have salad ”. Yes, it’s true: Burger King presents a new summer delicacy called Sunda with baconcontaining over 500 calories and 18 grams of fat. Dessert includes ice cream, caramel, fudge, bacon tape, pieces of bacon and free defibrillation.

And just one more…

CHEERS to remember the great terrorist attack of 6/17. On June 17, 2009, President Barack Hussein Obama – after less than five months in office – himself stopped the invasion of American soil. In fact, he stopped an attack on the very heart of our government. Remember? The culprit was an intruder who flew under cover of darkness until the Secret Services drank and fornicated – grotesque, hairy, vile, vicious creature, intending to suck the life out of the people of our country. But Obama was on the plan and repulsed it with relentless speed and efficiency. He was actually caught on tape …

Thanks to his patriotism and quick thinking, the republic endured.

Have a nice weekend. The floor is open … What are you looking forward to and making fun of today?

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