Challenge for classmates: The best of QB

ATLANTA – The talent for hands in Challenge for classmates it was a shame of wealth Friday. Drawing on the best prospects of classes 2024-26, there were representatives from the West, South, Middle and East Coasts, which made their communities and schools proud.


McClellan took part in the Underclassmen Challenge with great momentum after winning the last Rival camp series regional awards for MVP in Atlanta. Against great competition in the QB hall, McClellan rose to the occasion by winning the camp skills section and throwing the pigskin 61 yards to win the long ball race. 1-on-1 were highly contested, including the best of the best among corners and safety mechanisms, throwing after McClellan’s throw seemed too easy.



There is a style below in the center of the West Coast and Jackson embodies this style of play. Cool and calm, Jackson was a real technician throughout the challenge. Jackson always threw arrows at the target with his quick-release passes. In addition to the overall package, he expected really well against DB, who are waiting for breaks or leading their receivers on the spot.



The Texas QB gun is a real thing, and Metauer brought it with him to Atlanta. Big body, Sunday hand, Metauer tore passes with extra sauce to fit the passes in the smallest windows. Metauer was put to the test during the various training sessions, which shows that he is well trained and has no problem being put to the test.



Turning the left-handed arm can make it difficult for the QB to connect to new receivers in the bearing; on Friday, the best targets running on the routes had no problem pulling Jackson’s passes. Rolling left or right during leg training, Jackson was in his game. Challenged by hitting small net goals, Jackson was consistently good. During the long throw, Jackson shot it 58 yards.



As wild as it sounds for a prospect who has not yet started high school, O’Neill was running for MVP. One of the youngest quarterbacks in the camp, O’Neill didn’t look like that. Solid in the early parts of the camp, he came to life, creating “oh” and “aaa” with his talents during a 1-on-1.

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