Catherine Dennis is threatened with eviction for unpaid rent

Only days separate us Season 8 of Southern charm premiere.

Many of the stars lead an eventful life. No more than Catherine Dennis.

Within months, Catherine had dealt with the crushing failure of custody and separation.

Catherine is now threatened with eviction, accused of unpaid rent. Oh no!!

Catherine Dennis Charms
Catherine Dennis smiles in this scene from the hit Bravo Southern Charm.

According to a report by RadarOnlineMt Pleasant Investments LLC has accused Catherine Dennis of lagging behind in rent.

Catherine lived in a high-rise apartment owned by the company.

They accused the 30-year-old reality star of missing her payments for both February and March 2022.

Catherine Dennis is Off the Wagon
Southern Charm star Catherine Dennis mocks anxious friends and colleagues as she returns to drinking.

These rent payments amounted to more than $ 4,500 each.

Mt Pleasant Investments LLC has accused Catherine Dennis of owing a total of $ 9,252.

The investment company filed a notice to leave the rules in March.

Catherine Dennis for Bravo
Catherine Dennis is portrayed here in an episode of Southern Charm, looking a little confused.

This is a step that comes before the eviction notice.

A second notice was filed on May 17, this time with the employee simply noting that it listed “deadlines have expired”.

There are many details that we do not know. It sounds like Catherine has just moved on.

Catherine Dennis: Thomas will use the Southern Charm Reunion meeting to take my children!

In June, Catherine hinted that she had moved.

“I was moving in moisture,” she wrote on June 6. “It’s time to relax.”

We can imagine.

Catherine Dennis flaunts her nails on Instagram
Southern Charm star Catherine Dennis has shown tremendous personal growth in recent years, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to dress completely.

Moving is one of the most stressful activities most people go through in their lives.

Honestly, moving in the southern heat is to get worse.

But did Catherine have to move out after not paying rent … or did she stop paying rent because she moved out?

Catherine Dennis Unhappy at the meeting
Southern Charm star Catherine Dennis embarked on a sort of face-to-face trip to a special gathering when the cast discussed her absent ex.

Management companies that own many rental properties do not always know their customers well.

Sometimes things slip away and companies falsely accuse tenants of unpaid rent.

Other times… well, Catherine’s expensive high raise may have been too much to cover one person.

Catherine Dennis photo

Obviously, Catherine Dennis is not Patricia Alcul. She is not rich.

Fans think she is financially “comfortable” because of her Bravo salary.

“Comfortable” is not rich. And maybe it had to be reduced.

Catherine Dennis and Kleb Ravenell move together
Southern Charm star Catherine Dennis has received a new home with her new boyfriend Chleb Ravenell, although he still lacks color.

As fans remember, Catherine Dennis and Kleb Ravenell broke up last year.

Fans expect to see part of this story in Season 8.

Between that and her devastating loss of custody in the family courther housing needs may have changed dramatically.

Catherine Dennis at the Aquarium with Kensie and St.
Southern Charm star Catherine Dennis spent the day at the Aquarium with her children, Kensie Ravennel and St. Ravenn, during one of her supervised visits.

In fact, Catherine Dennis’s life has undergone other recent changes.

Last month, her lawyers, Susan Rawls Strom and Pete Kearns, applied to be “released as lawyers.”

They wrote that Catherine “can no longer communicate and agree on important issues.”

Catherine Dennis looks wonderful
Southern Charm star Catherine Dennis had a character during the filming of the series, which won her praise from both colleagues and fans.

“And the lawyer-client relationship is irretrievably broken,” Catherine’s lawyers described.

They then wrote that it was “so much so that the undersigned cannot effectively represent the defendant”.

Although part of the legal turnover does not make Catherine the next Kanye West, it raises eyebrows.

Catherine Dennis in a luxurious hat
Catherine Dennis exudes a powerful Charleston atmosphere in this hat. The Southern Charm star certainly knows how to look good on camera.

Some speculate that Catherine’s mental health is struggling after losing custody.

Simple things like being actively involved in her own lawsuit – and not forgetting to pay rent – can be a challenge.

Catherine Dennis is a complex person. We wish her well.

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