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Cardi B, offset

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Cardi BThe 29-year-old gave her fans a charming look at her nine-month-old son Wool, in her latest post on Instagram! The rapper applauded his youngest child as he danced, quickly kicking his feet in his father’s arms Displacement, 30, in a new video she shared on her story. The little one was dressed in white while smiling, which in turn caused his proud father to smile before sweetly kissing him on the cheek.

“Go Wave!” Cardi could be heard saying several times in the background. After the video made its way online through other accounts, fans did not hesitate to share their joy at the sweet video. A lot too in comparison his older sister’s little boy culture3. “He looks just like Kulture,” wrote one fan, while another called him “the twin of culture.”

Before Cardi shared Wave’s new video, she shared a series of photos of him earlier this month. In the memorable close-ups, he looked happy and content as she stared at the camera with his beautiful eyes at different times. One photo showed him wearing a diamond necklace and another showing him wearing a bath hood on his head.

Cardi B, offset
Cardi B & Offset during a previous event. (MediaPunch / Shutterstock)

Cardi isn’t the only one sharing Wave photos and videos on her social media page. Offset also shares gems for your youngest child on his own page. In May he published cute photos how he held Wave while he lovingly looked down at him and pulled him to him for a hug. He wore a white fishnet vest and diamond necklaces, while his mini-i wore a gray-and-blue Mickey Mouse outfit. “BIG WAVE”, Migos the rapper appropriately signed the photos.

Cardi and Offset, who have been married since 2017, welcomed Wave in private in September. 2021. He is their second child together. The lovers also share Culture, which was born in July 2018 after Cardi kept her pregnancy a secret for the first few months.

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