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The film crew for The late show with Stephen Colbert was detained by Capitol police late June 16 after filming comedy segments for the late-night show all day, Diversity reports. The segments include the iconic Triumph The Insult Comic Dog, a vulgar doll that has appeared on the CBS show for 25 years. Nine crew members, including a comedian Robert SmigelThe 62-year-old writer behind the Triumph of the Offensive Comic Dog has been arrested in Longworth House Office Buildingone of three buildings built for the United States House of Representatives at 8:30 p.m., according to Capitol police.

“The building was closed to visitors and these individuals were identified as part of a group that was directed by the USCP to leave the building earlier in the day,” the Capitol police said in a statement. Diversity. “They were accused of entering illegally. This is an active criminal investigation and may lead to additional criminal charges after consultation with the US Attorney.

    Triumph The Insult Comic Dog
Triumph The Insult Comic Dog was used in segments filmed at Congress on June 16 by CBS crew members (Photo: Stephen Lovekin / Shutterstock)

According to a congressional reporter for Fox News Chad Pergram52, the group was detained by Capitol police after being found without identification or escort outside the offices of the Minority Leader in the Republican Chamber Kevin McCarthy and rap. Lauren Bobert. Other crew members detained along with Robert include Jake Plunkett, Alison Martinez, Tyrone Dean, Stephen Romond, Nicoletta Green, Brendan Hurley, Josh Commerceand David Feldman, according to Chad. He also noted that the group had been “driven out” by Capitol police “in the Cannon House office building earlier in the day.” It is believed that everyone was released after that.

CBS confirmed the incident, but insisted that their team was on the scene legally and with permission. “On Wednesday, June 15 and Thursday, June 16, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog was on site in the Capitol with a production team to record interviews for the comedy segment on behalf of The late show,said CBS Diversity in a statement. “Their interviews at the Capitol were authorized and pre-arranged by the congressional staff of the interviewed members. “After leaving the members’ offices for their last interview of the day, the production team stayed to film stand-up comedy and other final comedy elements in the halls when they were detained by Capitol police.”

    Longworth House Office Building
Longworth House Office Building in Washington, DC (Photo: Jacquelyn Martin / AP / Shutterstock)

The arrests came amid heightened security in Congress as hearings for January Revolt on 6, 2021 follow. According to Chad, the CBS team wanted to receive interviews during the hearing, which took place earlier in the day on June 16. Stephen ColbertThe 58-year-old used public hearings as a platform for jokes about those involved, according to Daily Mail. For example, after the leader of Proud Boy Joseph Biggs Asking for his trial to be held outside Washington, D.C., Stephen joked: “They want to move the trial to a place where The Proud Boys have a better reputation. Like Berlin from 1930.

HollywoodLife did not receive an immediate response after contacting Stephen’s representative and Capitol police.

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