Capitol officer enraged partner blows up Trump-protected Secret Service to encourage insurgents

Sandra Garza, a partner of the fallen Capitol police officer Brian Siknik, told CNN’s Hold On show that while Trump is inciting rebels to more violence through pending pardons, he and his aides have Secret Service protection. The rest of us don’t.

Angry Garza told CNN’s Jim Acosta that Donald Trump was “deliberately annoying these people” by apologizing to the rebels, and said that while Trump was “running his mouth,” he was safe in his white castle and the secret services were protecting him. “And” all his family members and all his aides, his loved ones in Congress are safe in their little white castles, while the rest of us live without security. “

I watch:

Acosta asked: When he spoke of pardoning some of the people on January 6th. What did you think when you saw him?

Garza replied:

Oh, I was so angry. He deliberately annoys these people. It’s all a game for him. And what really pisses me off, Jim, is that he’s safe in his white castle, and the Secret Service is protecting him, and he’s messing with, you know, the safety of his home and all his family. and all the helpers, his loved ones in Congress are safe in their little white castles while the rest of us live unguarded, you know, and the staff, the people who cleaned up the savagery that day, the people who defecated in the Capitol, who urinates in the Capitol , you know, they had to clean these things up, you know.

This really pisses me off, because, you know, like I said, you know, the next time something happens, we’re going to have a much worse outcome than January 6th. Trump and the other people who helped him were just lucky. They were lucky and I know he really sighed with great relief that Brian died a natural death, because if that didn’t happen and there were a lot more deaths that happened that day, he would be responsible for a lot more. than it is today.

So I’m really angry about this, sorry, I’m really angry because it just makes me angry.

Republicans have shown a lot of bias whose security they are worried about, as they feared Brett Cavanaugh, whose home was already protected by U.S. marshals, but did not want to protect Supreme Court officials.

This complete disregard for the safety of everyone, except for most of the elite among them, who are protected by the Secret Service and therefore not vulnerable to the results of their own instigation, is absolutely infuriating to anyone interested in American life and safety.

Garza lost his partner after the Capitol attack. She knows what provoked Trump on January 6 and what he incited, such as hanging pardons in front of a brainwashed base.

Trump bases all this violence on the idea that the election was stolen from him, an idea that his close associates testify that he knows is fake. The election was the safest election in US history.

Donald Trump lost the election, and because he doesn’t like to lose, he continues to risk people’s lives with his rhetoric and repulsive promise to pardon those involved in the so-called home terrorist attack by FBI Director Christopher Ray.

The same attack appeared in footage recently published by the 1/6 commission, which looks more like a military zone than the US Capitol.

Trump and his Republicans, who repeat and justify his dangerous rhetoric, are protected by the Secret Service, while the rest of the country is not. We are the people who will pay the price, not them.

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