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Biden has launched the first phase of a government asylum program in Texas without a court order. Such a program, based on civil servants making decisions without a judge or prosecutor, would be very vulnerable to the penetration of radicals with open borders, as well as bribery. This would open the border locks even wider than they already are, making it almost impossible to deport these bureaucratic “refugees” in the future. This new, very great threat to our national sovereignty is being implemented through an edict, a change in the rules, not through a change in the law. Texas and other states have filed a lawsuit to stop him.

We already have chaos at the border, even when Title 42 is still in force. The Border Patrol has become an organization that helps cartels help mostly unskilled asylum seekers cross the border illegally, instead of protecting the border, as was their original mission. Title 42 is supposed to require all illegal border crossings to be returned to Mexico, but Biden has made so many loopholes and exceptions in politics that many are still being released in the United States.

For more information, go to this link below or watch the video below. Keep in mind that if a person reads only this main article below, he or she will probably not get a good impression of the severity of the impact that this change will have.

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US to launch interviews with asylum seekers in two Texas detention centers under new policy

The way things have been done so far is that those who miss court hearings or are rejected asylum receive an automatic deportation order from the court. Which means that, in principle, they could be deported immediately at some point in the future, as they already have a deportation order from a court. Biden wants to do so once the millions of future new progressive voters are admitted and approved by a likely politicized bureaucrat, we can never get rid of them.

Note that the article states that if they do not miss the interview, they may still have a court hearing before a judge before being deported. So it will look a lot like a one-way filter. It will be much easier for them to enter the United States, but still just as difficult to deport as before after being here.

If the asylum seeker passes the interview by a civil servant, the applicant is given documents and can stay in the United States indefinitely. If the plaintiff fails the interview, he / she may file a lawsuit and then be released on probation and simply disappear to the United States to end up living illegally, just as in recent years with “catch and release” .

This is a video report with subtitles from Univision about this change. Univision broadcasts such news in much of Latin America and the Caribbean. In this way, they inform their viewers that it is becoming much easier to obtain asylum, which will probably significantly increase the already huge number of people coming to the border to cross illegally. This is while the American public is largely ignorant of the mainstream media.

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