BTS denies rumors of the group’s dissolution

Members of a South Korean vocal dance group BTS categorically denied rumors that the group was taking steps to dissolve itself following the recent announcement of “termination”.

“We will try to show good performances both as a team and as individuals,” said Kim Namjoon (RM), the group’s leader.

He said he had received the most phone calls in his nine-year career since the group went public with a plan to “take a break”.

The group’s youngest member, Jungkook, also denied speculation about the “breakup”.
There is a lot of noise about us stopping or stopping our activities, but I think I need to fix it a bit. We have no intention of leaving and we still have many common plans. The BTS will stay forever, “he said.

The day before, BTS caused a stir when members of the band released a video in Korean, announcing that they were “breaking up” to pursue solo careers.

According to TMZ, the legendary BTS is not actually on pause, as the group’s management team states that there are “difficulties with the translation.

Members of the South Korean vocal / dance group BTS announced at a press conference with the production company BigHit Music that they are splitting up to pursue a solo career.

According to K-pop stars, Hoseok will release his first solo album, then Yoongi, followed by Jungkook. “You have been with us for almost ten years.

Each of us will need time to distract ourselves and learn many new things. We promise that one day we will return even more mature than we are now, “said Jungkuk.

In turn, Jungi stressed that the group is not breaking up, but taking a break from working together to develop individually.

BTS’s new LP was released on June 10, divided into three parts of 48 songs. “Proof” has three new songs: “Yet To Come”, “Run BTS” and “For Youth”, as well as some old songs. “The composition of the album and the CD is intended to present the past, present and future of the nine-year-old band,” said the music agency of the artists.

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