Britney Spears’ father, Jamie, insists she be forced to testify over an alleged social media defamation campaign!

Jamie Spears he just won’t leave his daughter Britney Spears alone!

Instead of enjoying the glow of the newlyweds, she may now have to sit down for another procrastination if the 69-year-old manages. Ugh!

According to TMZJamie’s lawyer, Alex Weingartenfiled lawsuits Thursday, accusing the pop sensation of waging an intense campaign to spoil his character Instagram in the last few months. He also has concerns that she plans to inflict more damage in his upcoming memoirs.

It’s no secret now that since Britt won her freedom from conservatism last year, she has face take some time to slowly share your side of the story. But to go that far? Really ?? After all?? Dude. She is your daughter. Let it be.

Weingarten writes in the documentation that Britney “continues to make public posts on social media containing inflammatory statements on various factual issues”. Page six reports. So, in principle, he wants her removed in order to challenge some of her claims on social media.

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What are these charges? neither TMZ reports, he specifically wants her questioned under oath for allegations that she had to give eight vials of blood for medical treatment, that she was forced to participate in therapy and was not allowed to take pain medication. And that’s not all! Jamie also wants to fire the 40-year-old singer for statements Matthew Rosengart made in court documents and what she said in her testimony in June 2021 and July 2021.

He also claims that her lawyer refuses to schedule a landfill. But as we all know, Jamie is not exactly innocent here (in more ways than one)! Rosengart has already filed court documents accusing him of “runs away and hides from his exposure and account for his misconduct – under oath – as required by law. “

However, Page six announced that Weingarten’s new file included a copy of an email sent on January 26, 2022, in which he told Rosengart’s company that Jamie would agree to testify if they agreed on a date for Britney’s removal the same week. The lawyer added:

“Ideally, we would agree to make these deposits in early March, either on consecutive days or at least in the same week.”

Rosengart then responded on March 2, 2022, rejecting the request to remove the Briton in order to “continue to protect our client from further trauma and abuse.” The former federal prosecutor continued:

“Although the deposit of James Spears is justified, it is really necessary, there is no legitimate, conscientious basis for taking the testimony of Britney Spears. On the contrary, the stated “intention” of your client to take the testimony of our client, in our opinion and in accordance with the law, is another tactic for harassing, harassing and intimidating his daughter – his own daughter. “

Jamie’s lawyer said Thursday that because her legal team “refuses to give dates for Britney’s testimony and has repeatedly stated that Britney will not testify without a court order (and maybe even then)”, the court must now to intervene.

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Following the new lawsuit, Rosengart responded in a statement to Page six on Friday, saying fiercely that Jamie had recently challenged his character.

“Mr Spears, who was disgracefully removed from court in September, continues to be disgraced, especially through this last stupid and reckless submission, which is fraught with mistakes and lies, as he himself knows. In addition to trying to harass his own his daughter, he is now pathetically reduced to trying to intimidate her while abusing the trial and running away and hiding from his own testimony.Everyone else would be ashamed of this tactic, but he and his representatives are really shameless. of “challenging his character,” Mr. Spears did so long ago.

So true!

For her part, Britney will not be applauding this latest legal move by Jamie right now, as she deleted her Instagram account. But clearly, based on her lawyer’s response, they will not allow her father to continue torturing The crossroads actress already.

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