Britney Greener’s wife says the planned call never happened

According to AP news, Cherry Greener he had a planned conversation with his wife, a WNBA player Britney Greenerto celebrate their fourth anniversary, but it did not happen.

It is reported that Britney has received a number to call the US Embassy in Russia and she will be connected to her wife through someone from the office. Unfortunately, this did not happen because the embassy “was not serviced” on Saturday. As a result, her calls went unanswered.

Cherry told the AP that Britney’s lawyer gave her the information on Monday and she was “hurt” that she was not given the opportunity to talk to her husband, although it was scheduled for two weeks. Cherry also said that Britney had tried to contact her nearly a dozen times.

Cherry said:

I was upset. I was hurt. I’m done, I’m tired. I am sure that I sent an SMS to the BG agent and said: “I do not want to talk to anyone. It will take me a minute to gather my emotions and just tell everyone that I am unavailable at the moment. Because he just knocked me out. I wasn’t well, I’m still not well.

She also said she was told that no one was there to process the call, as “the only number Britney Greener was given to dial usually handles calls from inmates from Monday to Friday, but not on the weekends, so no one was there to transfer the call. “

Cherry also said that there is not much trust in the government at the moment.

I find it unacceptable and I have no confidence in our government at the moment. If I can’t trust you to call on Saturdays outside of business hours, how can I trust you to actually negotiate on behalf of my wife to return home? Because it’s a much bigger request than catching a Saturday call.

The State Department said it was “deeply sorry that Britney Greener was unable to speak to her husband due to a logistical error.”

As previously reported, a representative of the Khimki court in the Moscow region announced that Britney would have to remain in custody for an additional 18 days at the “request of the investigation” earlier this month. She is expected to remain in custody in Russia until at least July 2. The news of her long-term detention comes after Britney’s team, Phoenix Mercury, met with the State Department on Monday.

As you know, Britney was detained for the first time in February after officials claimed to have found vape cartridges with hashish oil in her luggage. Britney’s arrest was originally scheduled for May, which was the same month that US officials declared her “illegally detained.”

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