Bridgerton Season 3: Nicola Coflan talks about the romance of Penelope and Colin

Bridgerton“Fans were outraged by the news that the hit Netflix series will miss the book’s timeline to include a love story between Penelope Federington (Nicola Cofflan) and Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) in Season 3.

Coughlan announced the news during a FYSEE panel celebrating the show on May 15 Diversity the next day it was a little impossible to make the proclamation.

“I had a moment because I kept this secret for so long, just before that – because I got the job at NOC, which was so wonderful, but just before I went: ‘I’m too scared, at school, because if it becomes real …'” he recalls. her shy Cofflan as her partners Simona Ashley and Charitra Chandran elicited support from opposite ends of the podcast studio.

In this episode of Variety Circuit Awards Podcastwe’re talking to Coughlan, Ashley and Chandran about last season at Brigerton and, more importantly, what’s next.

But first, our awards round comes back and discusses directorial categories and we also offer our applications to TV Academy members while voting for nominations begins. Listen below!

You’d think Coughlan would be used to surprise fans with big news after it was revealed in the final moments of the first season that Penelope was the secretive and impudent Lady Whistledown, but the news is that Penelope and Colin will finally investigate. her regency, the romance of the era (and the birth of a fan-created couple named Pauline) was a bit unexpected even for her.

“It’s funny because I’ve always wanted to be an actor. I started doing this when I was super young, but I’ve never seen myself host a romantic drama, “says Cofflan. “It simply came to my notice then. So now it’s pretty crazy just to be in that position and on one of the biggest shows ever. It’s amazing. “

Asked whether Pauline’s romance would lean towards the super-suffocating vibes of Season 1 or the slow burning of Season 2 later in the conversation, Coughlan said: “I think since we’ve had two seasons of accumulation, it’s likely to be the first. I haven’t read the scripts. I just got an examination. “

But taking the lead in the hit Netflix series – with season 2, which is the number of the streamer. 2 English-language TV seasons so far (based on the first 28 days of availability), just behind Season 4 of “Stranger Things” – is a daunting prospect. The challenge is what Ashley knows well. The star hosted these episodes, playing Kate Sharma, whose turbulent romance with Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) is especially loved by book readers.

Coughlan says she has already turned to Ashley for advice on navigating these waters as Ashley relies on season 1 presenter Phoebe Danever.

“Phoebe, to be honest, was such a rock to me,” Ashley said. “And such a good friend, such a good mentor, an example of just a strong woman in this industry. And it has really created a safe dynamic between us, where I can be vulnerable and express my doubts or my insecurities, or my ups and downs.

Ashley turned to Dynevor during the photo breaks just to talk or ask for advice. “It’s really useful to have that, because when we work, we’re all so dedicated to our work and your show, where you have a person to play with, roll up your sleeves and go break it,” she said. “But, you know, we’re all people at the end of the day, and I think that helps us present such authentic performances.”

While Ashley and Bailey were the “captains of the ship” for the season, Chandran also played an important role in their storyline, as Kate Edwina’s younger sister (the original object of Anthony’s affection.)

Coughlan, Ashley and Chandran also discuss the impact Bridgeton has had on fans, especially young women and people of color, many of whom are seen for the first time in the genre. And the effect works in both directions, Chandran notes, explaining how the lead role in the Bridgerton series has changed the way she travels the world.

“What’s wonderful is that there are so many benefits: the show is just better [with diversity]. It’s more fun, it’s more colorful, “she says. “[The show] gives actors color options that were previously inaccessible to them. We see with “Mr. Malcolm’s list – it also feels very British and is kind of multi-racial – and that’s exactly what we’d like the show to do to set the standard for the industry. So, I think creatively – and maybe that’s very generous, and I hope Lynn Manuel Miranda forgives me – but I feel that what Hamilton did for the theater is very similar to what Bridgeton did for television. and then also diversifies the audience. ”

All three women will return for Season 3 of Bridgerton as Regency-era romance continues to explore all of their intertwined love stories.

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