Brewers DFA double All Star CF Lorenzo Cain

“To say I’ve played in The Show for more than 10 years, I mean, I couldn’t ask for anything more,” Kane told reporters Saturday. through McCulvy. “It was a great ride for me, a fun ride. I put in a lot of work. I’ve spent this body over the years, so at the same time I think the body is definitely ready to rest. a little, for sure.

“I’ve been blessed to play as long as I’ve played. If that’s the end, I can’t be upset about anything.”

The move on the list coincided with Cain’s achievement of 10 years in MLB, which ensures that he will win a full retirement pension.

Kane was selected by the Brewers in 2004 and made his MLB debut with the team in 2010, but was changed to the Kansas City Royals before the 2011 season. For seven seasons with the Royals, Cain won a trip to the All-Star Game and was MVP for ALCS for 2014

In 2018, Kane rejoined Milwaukee as a free agency on a five-year, $ 80 million deal. He received his second All-Star Award in his first season return with Brewers and won the Golden Glove in 2019. This season, Kane scored a low of 0.179 in his career with nine RBIs in 43 games.

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