BREAKING: Run on the Banks in China

It is reported that people line up in China for hours to get money from their bank accounts in China. The big cities of Henan, Shanghai and Dandong are three cities where the lines are long.

After years of mandates from COVID and a government that the average Chinese person deeply does not trust, people in China fear they will not be able to recover their savings. In some cities there are people standing in line for hours to get their money from their bank.

Recently, the freezing of depositors’ accounts from four rural banks in Henan has become a hot topic on social media. As a result, customers of these banks were unable to withdraw their money, prompting them to move to Zhengzhou, Henan to assert their rights. After Henan, the banks in Shanghai and Dandong (Liaoning) also witnessed a long traffic jam in front of their headquarters.

Depositors in Dandong, Liaoning Province were unable to receive their deposits

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Youtube channel Zai Ye Shuo posted a video stating that on June 17, many people lined up in front of Dandong Bank, waiting to withdraw their money. The channel wrote: “Done! The bank can not withdraw money! There was a run ashore in Dandong, Liaoning, and a thunderstorm on the shores of Henan Village caused panic.

IN videoa long line of depositors can be seen outside Dandong Bank, hoping to be able to withdraw their money.

Another video shows the traffic jam at Dandong Bank, Liaoning, on June 16.

Times of sight quoting a witness who said: “When I went to the Rural Commercial Bank, the rural traders had no money, when I went to Dandong Bank, there were a lot of people, in the end I don’t know if they got the money or not.

Seeing so many people waiting to withdraw money, a man at the scene said, “It’s like that these days, it’s like that every day.”

The incident that many depositors in Dandong City, Liaoning Province were unable to withdraw their deposits sparked a wave of comments:

“Bank tricks, they deliberately tell you to withdraw so you don’t have to pay interest.”

“Many banks in mainland China are on the verge of collapse! They are closed. “

“The sweat, the tears and the riots of the people, the sky will not forgive them.”

“Will future recipients be accused of plotting to overthrow the country?”

“It hurts me to see such a great and weak country.”

“People with money in the bank must give it as soon as possible to buy valuables in order to preserve their value. The banking storm will have a chain reaction. Dandong is just the beginning … Let’s see! “

“Hell on earth, really pathetic”

Steve Bannon warned about China and said that the people of China will take their money elsewhere in a second if the currency is allowed to leave China. We see this today. The people of China do not trust their banks.

What Bannon said is happening now.

See their economy. It’s not strong. The real estate market is collapsing. The buildings are empty and there is no money to pay for them. Evergrande was one of the victims of this disaster.

Once the richest man in Asia, China Evergrande founder Hui Ka Yang is now watching his company face bankruptcy

People in Asia see it. That is why China is doing everything possible to destroy the United States economically. They feel they have to. This will help cover up their growing economy. They are happy to destroy the entire world economy if it hides their weakness.

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