Brazilian dancer interrupts online hearing of Peruvian left-wing president on corruption (VIDEO)

Peru’s far-left President Castillo is testing in a virtual public hearing on corruption on Monday.

During the hearing, a famous Brazilian male stripper dancing in the G-string Stars and Stripes suddenly appeared on the screen in the middle of the public hearing.

Left-wing President Castillo testified at the hearing about alleged corruption when

In the middle of the virtual hearing, an unexpected video of a stripper appeared, while prosecutor Samuel Rojas outlined the reasons why Castillo should be investigated.

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Reuters reported:

Unexpected content emerged as Rojas outlined the reasons why Castillo should be investigated. The hearing was broadcast publicly on the judiciary’s television channel, and the insulting video was later widely circulated on Twitter.

A Supreme Court judge is considering a motion to drop an investigation into whether the president led a corruption plot involving his former transport and communications minister, Juan Silva, who is currently on the run.

The president’s defense team is trying to prevent prosecutors from questioning him at a hearing scheduled for Friday.

Milosz’s video appeared on the user account of Benji Espinoza, a member of Castillo’s defense team, which led to a brief halt to the hearing.

Espinoza denied responsibility for the video and said he was a victim of a “computer crime”.

“The video came on suddenly, giving the impression that it was coming from my account, which I reject,” Espinoza told Reuters by telephone.

The lawyer added that he was filing a complaint with the judge, claiming that the incident “shows that the virtual system of the judiciary is vulnerable”.

Left-wing President Castillo is currently facing an investigation into alleged corruption in his government, social protests and a decline in popularity after 10 months in power.

Watch the video below:

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