Bob Saggett’s daughter, Lara, honors him with an emotional bow for Father’s Day: “I love you endlessly, Dad.”

Lara Saget he takes some time to honor his late father Bob Saget.

The 32-year-old went on social media to write an emotional tribute to his father’s first day without Full house alum since then his death earlier this year. Along with a retrospective photo of herself and Bob, she wrote:

“My father was not just my father, he was my best friend. He carried his heart. He did not hide it; he was not afraid of love. My father just wanted to share laughter and love with this world. I noticed how scary it can be to love so much, to open up so completely. It can be easier to be angry, scared, negative. Maybe because love has an infinite quality, it is boundless. My father taught me that it doesn’t matter what life offers, how difficult, how painful, how seemingly impossible. This does not stop this love. He has always chosen love. ”

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Lara concluded by noting that she was always committed to choosing “love” in the same way her father did, saying:

“Love is right here. And it is my responsibility to give it and share it, living in love. I love you endlessly, Dad. Happy Father’s Day. “

Beautiful words. You can read her full note to Bob (below):

This was not the only touching tribute to Bob, who is also a father Aubrey and Jennifer Saggett. His wife, Kelly Risottoshared Lara’s message on Instagram Stories, expressing above the post:

“I love you, Lara. And your father was one of a kind, and he loved you girls more than anything on Earth. I am so grateful to have experienced his special love for all of you. ”

She then added her own dedication to the 65-year-old comedian, saying:

“Happy Father’s Day, darling… I know you will enjoy your cigar… either in the backyard or on the beach somewhere. You would tell me about the sweet calls you received from your girls today and the wonderful gift they sent you and you will shine as you talk about how proud you are of them and how they are your whole world. Smoke a cigar and drink a martini today for all of us, we love you so much.

Kelly Rizzo pays tribute to Bob Sagget on Father's Day
(c) Kelly Rizzo / Instagram

We send our love to the Saget family and everyone else who can fight that day.

[Image via Lara Saget/Instagram, The Late Night Show starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube]

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