Blindfold McCain! Dan Crenshaw Heckled at the Texas GOP Convention (VIDEO)

Congressman Dan Crenshaw was angered at the Republican congress in Texas on Saturday.

A group of conservative reporters has spoken out against “globalist” Crenshaw over his support for red flag laws.

BlazeTV reporter Alex Stein hooked up with RINO Crenshaw and got into a fight with his aides.

“Blindfold McCain!” Stein shouted at Crenshaw.

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Congressman Crenshaw smiled as a police officer escorted him away from the hackers.


Additional footage from the collision:

Crenshaw replied to Alex Stein.

“It happens when angry little boys like @ alexstein99 don’t grow up and can’t find girlfriends,” Crenshaw said.

The far-left media claim that Alex Stein physically attacked Crenshaw, but Stein never touched the congressman.

In fact, Crenshaw’s aides stormed Stein and repulsed him.

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