Black China and Rob Kardashian settled their case

It has just been revealed Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian they settled their case. See the latest reports below.

The Shade Room notes: “#TSRUpdatez: According to the senior reporter of @rollingstone #NancyDillon, #BlacChyna and #RobertKardashian are all squared! Just when the trial for their revenge porn case was about to begin, the former engaged couple settled out of court. There is no information about the conditions of the settlement.

Someone said, “It’s good to have a child to raise. Keep going, “and one commenter posted this:” She never had to settle down. What he did was disgusting! Instead, she had to drop the other case. This case is reserved for the court.

Another follower said: “We want to know how much he had to pay her. I’m here for that. ‘

Someone else posted this: “Okay, I’m stupid to ask this, but I really want to know. Does revenge porn have anything to do with porn or is it just a phrase or something.

A follower said: “Let it be clear that it has only w. Rob to return to Taiga for leaving her for Kylie.

Rob Kardashian had some important information about Blac Chyna and made sure to address it online. See the latest reports here.

“Rob Kardashian doesn’t seem to be trying to stand up to Blac Chyna in court again, as the date for their revenge porn is fast approaching. He claims to have made a deal with China, but she is reportedly trying to back down and Rob is asking a judge to get her to endure the end of the deal, “said The Shade Room.

TSR went on to say: “According to documents received from @tmz_tv, Rob’s lawyers say he was able to reach a deal with China, where she allegedly agreed to drop her case against him if he helped her be dismissed by a case involving her former #PilotJones. In this separate lawsuit filed by Jones against Rob and China, he claims that they exposed his sexuality by exposing him to public threats.

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