Blac Chyna Victory: The judge rejected the request for a case of Rob Kardashian

In an earlier application, Rob Kardashian accused Blac Chyna of breaking up previous agreement.

If they had both kept their goals of an alleged out-of-court deal, they would both difficulties may have been spared.

Of course, China says the alleged agreement, as Rob described it, did not exist.

The court rejected Rob’s request to force her to close the deal. This is not over.

Rob Kardashian in the pool

On Thursday, June 16, a judge of the Supreme Court in Los Angeles rejected Rob Kardashian’s request.

He asked the court to impose an alleged agreement with Black China, his ex.

Chaina and her team deny that the agreement even existed and are now in a festive mood.

Blac Chyna in formal wear
Blac Chyna shared her look in this wig and this cosmetics. Unfortunately, it came to the fore recently after an alarming video appeared showing off a ride at an amusement park.

Her lawyer, Lin Chiani, spoke with people for this latest development.

“China is very pleased that the judge rejected Rob’s request to” impose “an agreement that never existed,” she said.

“Without an agreement,” Chiani continued, “China will prove its case to a jury in Los Angeles on June 20.”

Rob Kardashian, Photo of sadness
Rob Kardashian shared his thoughts during and after his relationship with Blac Chyna. With disastrous results.

Chyna intends to prove that “Rob posted devastating porn for her revenge.”

In 2017, Rob posted all this “in front of millions of his followers on Instagram without her consent.”

Those of us who followed Robb in early July five years ago remember this incident very well.

Black China Oscars 2020
Why was Blac Chyna invited to the Oscars? We have no idea. But she looked great on the red carpet, huh?

“Porn revenge is a very dangerous form of violence,” Chiani said in detail.

Revenge porn, she added, “is committed mainly against girls and women.”

“Victims of revenge porn usually experience serious anxiety, shame and helplessness,” Chiani said.

Rob Kardashian shares HUGE NEWS!

Many victims of porn revenge also see that their employment suffers as a result. This is horrible.

She grimly quotes: “Some victims of porn revenge have committed suicide.”

Whatever people think of China as a person, we can all rejoice that she was not a suicide victim either.

Blac Chyna winds up with a bear
Blac Chyna looks as gorgeous as she always does in this photo, but … some fans can’t help but wonder if she chose this pose because it can cover up a baby bump.

“Rob Kardashian has never taken responsibility,” Chiani said.

She continued: “for his heinous and vindictive act of publishing porn for revenge against China in July 2017.

Chiani added: “He has never been prosecuted.”

Rob with your dream
Rob Kardashian holds his daughter Dream in this photo. He seems to be a loving father, doesn’t he?

“It’s finally time for Rob to be held accountable in court,” Chianni concluded.

While revenge porn is illegal in many places, it does not mean that the perpetrators are responsible.

Justice is a complex thing and our legal system is not prepared to deliver it.

Blac Chyna turns blue
Blac Chyna turned blue. What do you think about the unusual hair color of the model, people?

As for the alleged deal, Rob claims that China has offered to withdraw its case against him.

However, there was one condition:

Rob had to get Chyna out of a separate trial at no extra cost to her.

Pilot Jones, Mimosa

Pilot Jones accused Rob and China of portraying him as gay.

After his release, Pilot became the target of a brutal campaign of harassment on social networks.

Rob claims that China changed her mind and acted in bad faith, while she said there was no deal in the first place.

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