Bill Maher defends FL governor DeSantis, saying he will be “better than Trump”

The old adage that “politics makes strange friends” may never show more than with upcoming interim terms and a possible presidential cycle.

HBO presenter Bill Maher has been steadily progressive in his views for years, but lately the far-left incline in the Democratic Party has been too great even for Maher to reveal. On Friday night, “Real Time with Bill Maher,” he gave some praise to an unexpected recipientFlorida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

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Interesting Revelation

One of Maher’s guests was the liberal commentator Crystal Ball. The topic started with the hearings of the House of Representatives’ election committee on January 6, but focus on whether former President Donald Trump should be tried or not. However, there is no word on the panel about what exactly.

Ball said that “this (the persecution of Trump) will not solve our problem. Do you think Ron DeSantis will be much better than Donald Trump? Maher’s answer: “Yes, yes, I do.” What follows is Maher’s attempt to make a mini-hoax on the left to please his audience, but it turned out to be an improper compliment.

“He is definitely not crazy. This is a great place to start. Do you know what Ron DeSantis won’t do? I won’t tweet every day. There will be no enmity with Beth Middler on Twitter. He’s not a crazy person. “

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All GOPs are watching Trump and DeSantis

On the Republican side, 2024 could be fascinating if the race turns out to be Trump’s. DeSantis is fighting for the GOP nomination. Although there is no official information yet on whether Trump will run, the Washington Post reports that advisers from Trump’s inner circle they are trying to persuade him not to make any statement until after the midterm elections, fearing that any move before the election could give momentum to Democrats with their voting base, as well as to independent leftists who would not vote otherwise. way.

DeSantis has made no announcements other than running for re-election in Florida in 2022. Last week, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said he would support DeSantis if he decided to run for the White House in 2024.

DeSantis’s response to Musk was humorous: “I’m focused on 2022. But with Elon Musk what I would say is welcome support from African Americans. ” Musk was born in South Africa and is a naturalized citizen.

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Growing status of DeSantis within the GOP

At just 43, Ron DeSantis is definitely a rising star in the Republican Party. In almost every Republican poll when Donald Trump is not in the mix, Ron DeSantis is miles ahead of the group of possible nominees.

At the end of May, Wisconsin Republicans held their state congress, complete with the 2024 presidential poll. In a frustrated poll, DeSantis defeated Trump by 38% to 32%. The next closest to Trump was the former governor of South Carolina. Nicki Haley with only 7%.

But when Trump was included as a possible candidate, he was still still at the top of the list, according to a study by CWS Research in Texas. But what could be an advantage for DeSantis is that Trump’s base also likes DeSantis, a seemingly win-win situation for Republicans.

Democrats already have a problem in 2024 in the fact that they lack confidence in the chances of re-election of President Joe Biden, and his age is a major factor.

Faiz Shakir, who was the manager of the Bernie Sanders campaign in 2020, said: if the GOP nominee was Ron DeSantis then “I think that would be a different challenge.”

The aging of the Democratic Party seems to be on the minds of many strategists. Alex Vishivanuk is a Democrat data analyst who sees the threat that DeSantis could be in 2024, saying they need, “needs an equivalent of Ron DeSantis” but not a 70- or 80-year-old. -young person”.

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