Biden is considering telling managers to cut back on gas taxes

President Biden and his administration are discussing telling governors to cut or drop their gas taxes.

According to Politico PM Playbook:

“Biden aides have also considered in recent days the reference to the Defense Manufacturing Act for the relocation of diesel and other refined products if localized shortages materialize,” said two people familiar with the matter.

“Officials have also discussed telling managers to cut or waive their gas taxes,” said another person familiar with the internal administration’s discussions.

It is a smart policy for Biden to ask states to do something about gas taxes

If Biden goes public and tells the governors to cut or drop their gas taxes, and they refuse to do so, the political pressure will be on them to reduce the cost to pump voters.

Fuel prices could plunge the country into recession, and the recession is hurting all actors. The recession could leave Republicans and Democrats in November.

The Biden administration needs to think outside the box and try things that haven’t been done before, because fuel prices could ruin all the success Biden and the Democrats in Congress have had.

Reducing or eliminating the gas tax would immediately lower pump prices and help consumers. The time for action is now.

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