Bhagwant Mann government is “furiously honest”, several steps have been taken to tackle corruption, says Arvind Keirival

Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Keirival on Wednesday he described what Bhagvant Man was leading AAP government in Punjab as “fiercely honest”, who did not hesitate to make “difficult decisions”, including steps to tackle corruption, during his three-month term so far. IN Aam Aadmi Party the national organizer launched a vicious attack on previous regimes, saying various types of mafia, including the transport one, were thriving.

The AAP government, led by Bhagwant Mann, is an extremely honest government that does not hesitate to make tough decisions, he said.

Several steps have been taken to tackle corruption, including the launch of an anti-corruption hotline, Keirival said in a statement following the launch of the luxury bus service from Jalandhar to Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Delhi Airport.

Both Keirival and Mann got off the direct bus to IGI Airport.

All the promises made to the people will be fulfilled and we will again make the Punjab “rank” (vital), said CM in Delhi.

He also attacked previous governments, saying they were questioning the Mann government over law and order, but the truth is that gangsters received political patronage when previous regimes ruled the country.

He said 130 gangsters had been captured in the state in just three months.

“Under previous governments, they (gangsters) received political patronage,” he said.

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