Beyond the fear of Cavanaugh: Dozens of incidents targeting defenders of life across the country

By James Varney for RealClearInvestigations

The alleged armed killer against the life of Supreme Court Justice Brett Cavanaugh last week was part of a wave of violence, arson, vandalism and threats against life-support groups and government officials after a Supreme Court project expired last month. Judicial opinion that will be revoked Roe v. Wade.

There have been more than three dozen such incidents targeting centers and churches during crisis pregnancies in at least 20 states and Washington, D.C., according to data maintained by, an anti-abortion site.

They include:

  • IN pro-life pregnancy incendiary bomb in the suburbs of Buffalo on June 7
  • An arson, including Molotov cocktails against the headquarters of the pro-life center for family action in Wisconsin, Madison on May 8
  • Graffiti with the threat “If abortion is not safe, then you are not”, spray-painted on the walls of centers in Washington state
  • Extensive spray-painted graffiti on small rural evangelical churches in the Deep South, where some deacons protested that their congregations were apolitical.

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A loosely organized group known as Jane’s Revenge claimed responsibility for several of the attacks, including the apparent arson in Wisconsin and Buffalo. The group, which sometimes attaches the Antifa “A” symbol to its statements, called for a A night of rage above the pending Supreme Court ruling, on a website called The Anarchist Library.

Family action in Wisconsin
Above, the threat of graffiti in Family action in Wisconsin. Below are the attackers “Call to action.”

The Anarchist Library

Another group, Ruth Sent Us – whose name is reminiscent of the late Liberal judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg – posted the home addresses of conservative Supreme Court justices on Twitter. Although he did not take responsibility for the disturbed shooter arrested near Cavanaugh’s house, he informed followers where his children and the children of Judge Amy Connie Barrett were attending school.

Federal law explicitly prohibits it “Pickets or parades … in or near a building or residence inhabited or used by” each judge and the House passed the bill this week to extend the Supreme Court’s police protection to the families of judges.

The rash and embarrassing behavior is domestic terrorism, said Jim Harden, executive director of CompassCare, a non-profit organization that runs a pregnancy clinic in Buffalo and two others in upstate New York. Harden and his family moved in on Sunday after social media accounts began searching for his home address.

“This is new,” he said. “It was the leak that really caused this kind of activity.”

CompassCare also described the campaign against her as “abortion terrorism” – expressing heightened fears in a place where the white terrorist he had killed 10 people just weeks before. FBI agents visited the Buffalo Clinic in response to the bombing, but the organization has not heard from the federal government since. Harden expressed skepticism that they – unlike local police – took the incident seriously.

“It was an ominous silence,” Harden said.

In response to the expiration of a draft opinion on May 2 repealing Roe, which in 1973 legalized abortion nationally, the governor of New York. Katie Hochul has set aside $ 35 million in remedies – but they were to protect abortion clinics that have not been attacked recently.

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The Ministry of Justice did not answer questions from RealClearInvestigations as to whether it had classified the numerous incidents as internal terrorism or had commissioned an investigation team. Jane’s revenge claimed responsibility for the arson and vandalism of the Madison office at the Family Action Center in Wisconsin. Madison police also did not respond to numerous requests for comment.

No arrests have been made in connection with any of the incidents that began after Politico published the expired draft opinion by Conservative Judge Samuel Alito, stating that “deer it was grossly wrong from the beginning. ”

Harden compared law enforcement officials’ response to CompassCare’s attacks to the silence surrounding the person who may have leaked the draft opinion.

“Nothing seems to be happening in either case,” Harden said.

Chief Justice John Roberts said he had ordered an internal investigation that could identify the leak, which probably comes from a very small circle of people who would have access to draft opinions.

Harden agreed with Rebecca Anderson of 40 Days to Live, a Texas-based anti-abortion group that worked with an organization that also targeted the vandals of Jane’s Revenge: a crisis pregnancy center in Lynwood, Washington, called NextStep.

“I don’t think these acts of violence are taken seriously because elected officials do not condemn them publicly,” she said. “The lack of a response from the Ministry of Justice leads one to believe that they are choosing what qualifies as internal terrorism based on politics. Our concern is that this will encourage abortion advocates to commit more violence against those who support life.

In contrast, several anti-abortion figures told RealClearInvestigations that local police were exemplary in their response and attitude.

“The police came immediately and the DC subway police were exceptional,” said Janet Durig, chief executive of the Capital Pregnancy Center, who saw his front door spray-painted red and the threatening graffiti inscription left by vandals from Jane’s Revenge. Abortion is not safe, then neither are you. ”

“Local authorities are taking this very seriously and are investigating,” Harden said. “We had trained cameras at all entry points, so there’s evidence from videotape.” However, there are no indications that local authorities have made any progress in their investigations.

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The available evidence may be scarce. Cameras did capture the vandals at NextStep in Linwood, Washington, but the attacker was packaged as an extremist antifa and nearly impossible to identify, according to NextStep CEO Heather Vasquez. “You could say she’s a woman,” she said.

Attacks on life-saving centers do not match the focus of major news outlets on the potential for attacks on abortion providers, which do not appear to have increased in recent weeks.

“Abortion clinics are secured like fortresses.” Title of USA Today exploded a week after the Politico story. “Proponents fear Roe’s decision could spark new attacks.”

Reports of a series of incidents involving abortion centers from both CNN and the Washington Post highlight that violence is happening on both sides of the abortion debate.

Planned Parenthood said late Tuesday that “we condemn violence and hatred in all its forms” in statement to RCI which emphasizes “acts of violence, vandalism and intimidation by anti-abortion activists and politicians” aimed at the organization’s “health center staff and patients”.

The National Abortion Federation, which supports the election, said in a Report for 2020 that abortion providers receive hundreds of death threats and thousands of “hate emails” and harassing phone calls each year. There has been one fatal accident at an abortion clinic since 2010 – the 2015 attack on a planned parenting facility in Colorado Springs that killed three.

The anti-abortion movement does not have an equivalent database on threats received from pregnancy centers and religious organizations. In 2012, a left-wing activist entered the headquarters of the Family Research Council in Washington, DC and shot and wounded a security guard.

As violence and intimidation have long been part of the abortion debate, Jane’s Revenge has promised to escalate the conflict. In his eponymous First Communiqué published after the attack in Wisconsin, he declares:

We have exhausted the patience and mercy of those who seek to deprive us of the little autonomy we have left. As you continue to bomb clinics and kill doctors with impunity, we will also adopt increasingly extreme tactics to maintain freedom over our own bodies. We are forced to accept the minimum military requirement for political struggle. Again, this was just a warning. Next time, the infrastructure of the enslavers will not survive. Medical imperialism will not face a passive enemy. Wisconsin is the first point of ignition, but we are everywhere in the United States and will not issue any more warnings.

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