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Bethany England says England’s performance at the home Euro will be an “amazing experience” as she reflects on a football trip that began with a boys’ team with her twin sister, Laura.

The 28-year-old was elected part of Sarina Wigman’s team for the upcoming tournament. The Lionesses’ games, the first of which is played at Old Trafford on Wednesday, July 6, are already sold out.

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We visit Beth and Laura in England to talk about Euro 2022 and the sisters discuss the problems their surname causes and their competitive battles between siblings

England said Sky Sports News: “I think it will be amazing to have family and friends who can travel around their home nations and come to all the matches. The sold-out stadiums will be full. It’s just going to be an amazing experience. “

England, which has just won the Women’s Super League with Chelsea, has been named Player of the Year and PFA Player of the Year 2020. It has scored 60 goals in 126 games for Chelsea and has 16 international appearances.

What many do not know is that England has a twin sister, Laura, who is also a talented athlete. They both played for the Sheffield United Academy, but started in a boys’ team.

“We were not afraid of fights, neither to catch them, nor to give them,” Laura recalls.

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While Bethany admits that the boys have always been very hospitable, the girls could get them to do it. One of her most vivid memories was of a rather brutal defeat.

“The first game, I think it was against Spy Rangers, we lost 22-0,” Bethany said. “Honestly, no matter how brutal you think it sounds. It didn’t knock us down. We wanted to keep playing.”

When the couple grew up, women’s football had almost nothing of what it has now. There were very few appearances on television and there were very few role models. Instead, Laura decided to focus on javelin throwing, which she did internationally while training with Jessica Ennis-Hill.

Bethany England (left) with her twin sister Laura
Bethany England (left) with her twin sister Laura

Girls may have matching tattoos and matching dogs, but they have many different personalities and are not identical twins. Laura admits that this has its advantages, because unlike Bethany, she doesn’t stop at the autograph supermarket all the time. However, they are fiercely competitive.

Bethany said: “We once played tennis on the side of our house. I lost and was so angry that I threw the rocket down. She jumped up and punched her in the face. In the end, she ended up with this really bad lump in her eye that had to be operated on to get rid of it. “

Having the surname “England”, it seems almost appropriate that both girls have competed in their sports internationally. However, he has his shortcomings, as they found out when they tried to book home fees after England lost to Italy in the final of the European Men’s Championship last summer.

“They asked what the last name was,” Laura recalls. “She said ‘England’ and she was imprisoned. They wouldn’t believe us because they thought it was a joke. “

Follow Euro 2022 in Sky Sports

Keep up with the latest Euro 2022 in Sky Sports and Sky Sports News this summer.

The report will be hosted by Sky Sports WSL host Caroline Barker, along with Jessica Creighton and Kyle Walker. Meanwhile, Karen Carney, Sue Smith, Courtney Sweetman-Kirk and Laura Bassett will give an analysis during the tournament.

They will be joined by the experienced goalkeeper of England Karen Bardsley and the defender of Manchester City Esme Morgan.

Experts and presenters will work from Sky Sports’ mobile presentation bus for women Euro 2022, which will follow the Sky Sports News team across the country to the various stadiums where matches are played.

In addition, Sky Sports’ Essential Football podcast will be rebranded for the Sky Sports Women’s Euros Podcast on June 21. Hosted by Charlotte Marsh and Anton Tolui, it will include exclusive news and player interviews in addition to the strong program around the tournament.

Euro 2022: The groups …

group A: England, Austria, Norway, Northern Ireland

group B: Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland

group C: The Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, Switzerland

Group D: France, Italy, Belgium, Iceland

Euro 2022: The schedule …

Group phase

Wednesday, July 6

Group A: England v Austria – start 20:00, Old Trafford

Thursday, July 7

Group A: Norway vs. Northern Ireland – start 20:00, St. Mary’s

Friday, July 8

Group B: Spain vs. Finland – start 17:00, MK Stadium

Group B: Germany v Denmark – start 20:00, London Community Stadium

Saturday, July 9

Group C: Portugal v Switzerland – starting 17:00, Leigh Sports Village

Group C: Netherlands v Sweden – start 20:00, Bramall Lane

Sunday, July 10

Group D: Belgium v ‚Äč‚ÄčIceland – starting 17:00, Manchester City Academy Stadium

Group D: France vs. Italy – start 20:00, New York Stadium

Monday, July 11th

Group A: Austria v Northern Ireland – start 17:00, St. Mary’s

Group A: England vs Norway – start 20:00, Brighton and Hove Community Stadium

Tuesday, July 12

Group B: Denmark against Finland – start 17:00, MK Stadium

Group B: Germany v Spain – start 20:00, London Community Stadium

Wednesday 13 July

Group C: Sweden vs. Switzerland – 17:00, Bramall Lane

Group C: Netherlands v Portugal – start 20:00, Leigh Sports Village

Thursday, July 14

Group D: Italy against Iceland – starting at 17:00, Manchester City Academy Stadium

Group D: France vs. Belgium – 20:00, New York Stadium

Friday, July 15

Group A: Northern Ireland against England – start 20:00, St. Mary’s

Group A: Austria vs. Norway – start 20:00, Brighton and Hove Community Stadium

Saturday, July 16

Group B: Finland vs. Germany – start 20:00, MK Stadium

Group B: Denmark v Spain – start 20:00, London Community Stadium

Sunday, July 17

Group C: Switzerland v Netherlands – starting 17:00, Bramall Lane

Group C: Sweden v Portugal – 17:00, Leigh Sports Village

Monday, July 18

Group D: Iceland vs. France – start 20:00, New York Stadium

Group D: Italy against Belgium – start 20:00 at Manchester City Academy Stadium

Knockout phase

Quarter finals

Wednesday, July 20

Quarterfinal 1: Winners, Group A vs. Runners-up, Group B – Start 20:00, Brighton and Hove Community Stadium

Thursday, July 21

Quarter-finals 2: Winners, Group B against runners-up, Group A – start 20:00, London Community Stadium

Friday, July 22

Quarterfinal 3: Winners, Group C vs. Runners-up, Group D – Start 20:00, Leigh Sports Village

Quarterfinals 4: Winners, Group D vs. Runners-up, Group C – Start 20:00, New York Stadium


Tuesday, July 26

Semi-final 1: Winners, quarter-final 1 v Winners, quarter-final 3 – start 20:00, Bramall Lane

Wednesday, July 27

Semi-final 2: Winners, quarter-final 2 v Winners, quarter-final 4 – start 20:00, MK Stadium


Sunday, July 31

Winners, Semifinal 1 vs. Winners, Semifinal 2 – Start 17:00, Wembley

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