Best multicookers (2022): Instant Pot, Breville, Zavor, Zojirushi

There are all kinds Immediate pots multicookers there. Just because one of them has a Kleenex brand name, which (for some) represents the whole category, has very good competition. It is worth shopping to see what suits you.

Machines with a capacity of 6 liters are quite standard and I really do not see the point in using anything less. Reducing will not save you much money, you can make small batches or double batches in a larger pot and who doesn’t like to remember having homemade chili or soup in the freezer when cooking dinner just feels like too much work? If you cook a lot, consider the size of 8 liters. The extra space in the cupboard is worth it, and this extra area at the bottom of the pan makes it easier to saute and bake.

Not just pressure cookers, multicookers are often advertised as 10 (or more) in one, with all sorts of presets like chicken, cheesecake and brown rice. Ignore the preset settings. The important settings Рor at least my favorites Рare pressure cooking (spirit), slow cooking and saut̩ing, along with useful second-level features such as sous vide, yogurt and steam. For now, the 1200 watt models are the place where you will get the best heat.

A suggestion before you buy: See how it makes you feel the control panel of the one you are considering. Working with your multicooker shouldn’t give you a headache, and Instant Pot and several other brands are known to make machines that have overloaded interfaces with too many options. Over time, however, some of them became more intuitive. Our best choice – the Instant Pot model – has controls that are impressively streamlined.

None of the ones we tested have apps or internet connections that are worth using. If your multicooker prompts you to download a mobile app, you can safely ignore it all. Things like multicookers with deep fryer lids can also be avoided for now.

Although rice cooked in a pressure cooker is excellent, I prefer to have a separate rice cooker, as there are many multicooker foods that go great with rice, and rice cookers are much better at keeping rice for long periods. from time.

Finally, if you are an experienced professional and you are happy with the multicooker you already own, there is no big reason to replace it with a new one. Instead, do as my father says and “drive it until the wheels fall,” then go ahead and take one of them. Until then, use all the extra money to buy good cookbooks that help you get the most out of what you have. My favorite cookbooks are listed at the end of this shopping guide.

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