Bengaluru is the 8th most sought-after startup destination in the world, the report said.

Bengaluru is the 8th most popular city for start-ups in the world, according to Startup Ecosystem Report 2022, published by the Israeli-based Startup-Blink. It is followed by Mumbai New Delhi (13th), (17th) and Pune (90th) are also included in the report.

The organization evaluates countries and cities around the world based on three main parameters – the quality of startups, the number of startups and the assessment of the business environment.

The ranking of Bengaluru, the highest city in India in the report, has been rising since 2020. It was 14th in 2020, 10th in 2021. Bengaluru is superior in the Edtech industry with a global rank of 5.

“While Bengaluru’s ranking in the Asia-Pacific region remained unchanged in 3rd place, his relative position has definitely improved. Last year, Shanghai’s result was 66% better than Bangalore’s.

“This gap has now been reduced to less than 12%, thanks to Bengaluru’s good performance and less impressive results in Shanghai,” the report said.

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On the global front, India continues to improve its position in the global index, now ranking 19th after an increase of one place this year. India is the 4th highest ranked country in the Asia-Pacific region, after Singapore, Australia and China.

In terms of second-tier cities, two new Indian cities entered the top 100 to reach a total of 5. One is Pune, which ranks 90th, and Hyderabad, which ranks 97th. report. Pune improved by an impressive 14 places, while Hyderabad increased by 9 points.

Chennai is not far behind with a significant jump from 31st place to 102nd place. All Level 2 ecosystems in India have seen healthy growth.

The report added that India’s startup ecosystem is not just an engine for its economic growth. If they succeed, start-ups will transform India’s productivity and change the country beyond recognition. The startups will also be a driver for transforming India’s informal economy into a transparent economy, which will allow the government to have the tax resources to finally make India the superpower it has the potential to be. “

“The Indian government could take further steps to improve this critical infrastructure and strengthen its start-up ecosystem as other countries in the region develop rapidly. “Startup India, the government’s flagship initiative, and Make in India signal the public sector’s commitment to building start-up infrastructure,” the report added.

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